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    Capillary refill as an indication of SpO2

    OP it's good that you question and good that you ask, because your coworker is totally wrong.
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    Got my what?

    This thread is 1-3 years old depending on which post from op you're responding to...
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    No ETI.

    Medics need experience to competently ETI when needed. But arrested patients are not practice dummies. If you are stopping compression to tube, you are doing a disservice to the arrest. So either SGA or practice enough with manakins receiving compressions and scheduled OR rotations to be able...
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    Medication Error Learning

    Dr Parasite: so should the entire periop staff of an unintentional wrong site surgery be charged with what? Conspiracy Assault and Battery Mayhem/Maiming
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    Medication Error Learning

    Criminal charges are the not the correct remedy here
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    Drug screening? Adderall as Cocain?

    I am sure. How long has it been? It can take 4 days or it can 4 weeks. Or the test failed to detect.
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    Drug screening? Adderall as Cocain?

    Aderall will not show as cocaine. If there is an abnormal finding on your drug screen, you get a phone call from the MRO (medical review officer) or their delegate (sometimes a RN) at the lab to eliminate sources of error such as a valid prescription. This is done prior to the lab reporting...
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    Kenya: Uber-style app-managed SSM/CAD speeds ambulance response to terrorist MCI "Speedy medical help is taken for granted in the West, but many developing nations do not have centralized emergency command. Confusion during past attacks in Kenya cost...
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    Forum Upgrade!

    Laptop here. Win 10 Chrome
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    Forum Upgrade!

    2 very short posts fit on a screen now while other forums I frequent fit 3-4 at the same mag/scaling.
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    Forum Upgrade!

    Everything seems big...
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    Uk EMT coming in to say hi

    Welcome. You are crossing the ocean and of all places are going the Springfield? What possessed you to choose that destination?
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    Thoughts on High Flow O2

    Vapotherm has prevented intubations in my patients
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    Therapeutic Plasma Exchange? Threshold PhotoElectron spectroscopy? Telomere Position Effect?
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    Learning Pharmacology (another language?)

    Anatomy and physiology first Pathophysiology second Then pharm
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    How to measure an NPA

    Length matters. Gauge doesn't (unless its too big). I like to have a long adjustable with a narrow gauge.
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    Paramedic to Medical School to Emergency Physician/Disaster Med

    If you want to go to med school, go to med school. Don't expend energies elsewhere.
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    911 bystanders bill

    Good idea fairy strikes again o_O
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    Member Passing

    Very sad :-(
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    FireFighter Arrested by CHP. Thoughts?

    "Can make up a reason arrest" is not the same as "May make up a reason to arrest." The officers in the nurse case found that out when one was fired, the other stripped of all rank, and the nurse generously agreed to a mere 500K settlement... because officers MAY NOT do what they did to that...