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  1. spnjsquad

    How Assertive Are You On Calls?

    Hey guys, I ran into a situation today with a patient. He's a frequent flyer and refused when we told him to sign our refusal form (he always calls then refuses care). My partner kept (in my opinion) being soft with him saying over and over "it's a legal document, you have to sign it" which did...
  2. spnjsquad

    Telling the Boss That I'm Joining a Second Company?

    Hey guys, just needed some help in regards to an issue I have. For the past several months, I have wanted to join a second squad (don't judge or anything), but there's just one problem: I'm afraid to tell my boss! There is absolutely no rule against being on multiple squads (in fact, about 35 of...
  3. spnjsquad

    Reflective material on pants

    Hey guys, I am thinking about putting some silver 3m scotchlite fabric on my pants (my local store does custom modifications) and there's just one problem; I don't know where it should be put. I was thinking around the very bottom pant legs, and on top of the back pockets. Is there any other...
  4. spnjsquad

    You might work for public EMS if......

    Hey guys, just saw the "You might work for a private if......" thread and I had a few good laughs. I thought that we should start one for public township EMS too! I'll try to start off with some... A lot of your calls go to mutual aid because the other guy assigned to the shift "slept through...
  5. spnjsquad

    Double Poisoning

    I actually had a call like this a while back. A pregnant mother and her daughter live in a comlex where the laundry room is in another part of the building. The mother says she doesn't like carrying the huge laundry bottle back and fourth to do laundry, so she stores it in a water bottle. One...
  6. spnjsquad

    How to put in a quote?

    Hey guys, this might seem silly since I have little knowledge of this but how do you put in a quote or signature at the end of your messages/replys? Do you just manually paste it in each time or do you so something else? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
  7. spnjsquad

    Non-EMT's being more involved on calls?

    Hey, I was just wondering: Do you think it's okay for riding members who are not yet EMT's to ask questions to the paitent? I was wondering because whenever I'm on a call, the person who is the leader of the call either lets me fill out whole run sheets and help with certian things such as...
  8. spnjsquad

    Dealing With Bad Calls

    Hey I was just wondering how everyone on here tends to deal with certain types of serious incidents. My towns call volume is alright, about 5 a day, so I get on a few and once in a while there is a bad one. One of my worst was a 98 year old female found dead floating face down in her bathtub, PD...
  9. spnjsquad

    Leaving on the lights while on scene?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you tend to leave on your response lights while on scene. I'm referring to home/public ill and accident calls. We tend to turn them off when on scene, or put on what we call "scene lights" which are just the two corners of the front and back lightbars flashing...
  10. spnjsquad

    Scared of overworking myself?

    Hey, I am currently a student in high school working on one company for 5hrs on a weeknight and 5 on a weekend. I have no problem with this, but I am thinking of joining a second company, and with that, I would have to work more hours. This would be about 5 more hours a weekend in the morning...
  11. spnjsquad

    Preferred type of shirt while working?

    Hey guys, just wondering what your opinions are on this topic. What type of shirt does your company use/what do you prefer while on duty. T-shirt, polo, button down? also, what are the upsides and downsides of each? Thanks.
  12. spnjsquad

    Joining a Secondary Squad?

    Hello, I am currenty on one BLS squad and I was wondering if it would be an okay idea for me to join a second one. I have already researched the squad and I really do like it, and I do have the time to ride both duty crews. So the bottom line is; is it pointless for me to join a second squad or...
  13. spnjsquad

    How many on your ambulance?

    For us (BLS) we usually have 2 full EMT-Bs, One provisional (under 18 with an EMT license) and one non EMT (either in classes or hasn't started class yet). What about you?
  14. spnjsquad

    Grossest Call?

    I had an elderly male with lower GI bleeding. The paitents bed and parts of his body were covered with poop. Needless to say, I walked into the room, took one whiff, and almost threw up. The stench was pretty bad. What was your grossest call?