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  1. Flummox

    Unconscious Patients and Stair Chairs

    I have never heard this name for it before. My instructors always call them orca blankets...... :rolleyes:
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    Paramedic NREMT Study Guide

    Watching 'cause perfectionist Basic student halfway done with the course and getting paranoid.
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    Hearing aids in EMS?

    Usually there is no problem with any job, EMS or not, as long as your vision/hearing is mostly correctable. My instructor was a hard-*** about that stuff in our first couple weeks but I think it's all hot air. I don't know a single rescue squad that doesn't fit its trucks with BP machines now...
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    I was told that i smell bad

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    Two questions

    Unless ADD impedes your ability to fulfill your duties, it is completely irrelevant. In fact, legally it's nobody's business what kind of medical conditions you have. I have a significant past psychiatric history, but because I work really, really hard to do my best, none of my instructors are...
  6. Flummox

    Stupid question

    Peak summed it up beautifully, so my contribution is going to pale in comparison. Even mild hypotension can get ugly, and that's because a sudden drop upon standing means your patient could be attacking the floor with their skull. Syncope can be intense when you're orthostatic. I've been...
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    Do you guys remember everything from the human body chapter

    Is this standard in most classes? Mine uses the 13th edition of Emergency Care. Regardless, I envy your psychic abilities. Rock on with your bad self.
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    first call of the day is...

    I'm just a student but my worst nightmare has become something my instructor told us during our first lab. He was orienting a guy on his first shift and they get a call for a patient with hx of CHF who took a fall in her bedroom. They arrive on scene and she's diaphoretic and SOB...and also 500...
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    Hey Josh, fellow BLS student chiming in. I only learned how to study effectively in the last couple months and it's gotten me a 96 so far in my class. Here's what helped. Knowing your learning style is pretty helpful when figuring out how to study. I'm a kinetic learner so note-taking is a...
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    The absolute begining.

    I'm also a BLS student and I haven't needed to buy any equipment. My mom is a veterinarian and at first I brought a scope I borrowed from her but the ones provided by my college work equally well and save me from worrying about sitting on it in my backpack. :p I really like using my old Iron Man...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hey, my name's Sage. I'm 17 and currently in my 3rd week as an EMT-B student in Wisconsin while concurrently working on my GED. I also volunteer at a local emergency department a few days a week. I'm going into my clinical hours soon (just applied for my training permit) so hopefully this will...