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  1. SplintedTheWrongLeg

    How would you splint this injury? My first impression is that this seems to be a joint injury to me; So I would first control bleeding, check for PMS, and attempt to splint in a position of function, etc.. (splinting bone above and below) But I feel like that may cause more damage than good by...
  2. SplintedTheWrongLeg

    When to use TQ over pressure bandage?

    I may be answering my own question here, but wouldn’t you use a pressure bandage on a wound that CAN be controlled with direct pressure and a TQ on a wound that CANNOT? We didn’t go over a lot of different bandages in EMT school, just the different jack-of-all-trades applications of a few. The...
  3. SplintedTheWrongLeg

    Fire or Ambulance District? Which do you prefer?

    Hey, I'm a fairly new EMT-B soon to be medic student. I live in MO, and we have a good mix of ambulances run by county EMS agencies and some run by local fire districts. I was just wondering what some of your experiences and preferences were with these models of EMS systems. Also, do...