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    Wish Me Luck

    Looking for luck for the next two weeks. 12/7- Final Test CPR/AED skill Bleeding/Shock skill Long Bond Splinting skill 12/9- Patient Accessment-Med skill BVM skill Spine/Supine skill 12/13- Emergency Childbirth skill Patient...
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    EMS vid and pic

    I am looking for any video/pictures that anyone has of EMS. I am in the planning stages of making a video. My model is the vids at Grouchy Media. I have found some pics but it is slim pickings. Any suggestions would gladly be accepted.
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    Arizona EMS System

    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about the EMS sytem in Arizona? I hear that Pheonix is number one in the country for innovations. Looking more towards Mohave County if possible (Lake Havasu/Parker/Kingman).
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    Patient Assessment

    I am currently taking the EMT course at Miramar College. In class, the patient assessment is in precise, linear steps. When I did my 8 hr ride along with a SDFD ALS unit, the assessment was all blurred together for me. I know that the field is different (taking BP in a classroom vs a...