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    Did this call yesterday: 58 y/o male with long hx of renal failure and dialysis. Missed his last 2 dialysis appointments and was c/o SOB and weakness. Also, numbness and difficulty moving his arms and legs. GCS 15, pale with cyanosis and difficulty breathing (lungs clear). No radial pulses but...
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    Pacing PEA/Asystole

    So I had an interesting pt the other day. We were transferring a 68 y/o male from a small regional hospital to a large university hospital for cardiology. He had been having near syncopal episodes over the last day and went in to the hospital to get "checked out". Lo and behold he is in a 3rd...
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    Morphine and Fentanyl

    I've been told by people that I work with and by my instructors in school that morphine is more useful for abdominal pain and non traumatic back pain and that fentanyl is better for pain related to trauma. Has any body found this to be the case? Or does it really matter? There is nothing...
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    Low dose Ketamine

    Hi all, I was wondering how many places have a protocol for, or use low dose ketamine for pain control? Our current protocols allow use of it to facilitate intubation (1.5 mg/kg) but my ambulance service is currently working on developing a standing order with our medical director to use it in...