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    FP-C without a class...

    I did the ACE-Prep course online and a couple others. I like to study, so I study a lot.. While working towards my FP-C and CCP-C I was working in a CCT role and also already taken all the AP/ Biology classes in college which was a huge help...I was averaging 10-15 hours of studying a week.
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    HEMS/Flight Medic Salary (US)?

    Salary range in my area Highest paying company $28.00/hr starting 36hr's a week with shift differential. about 10% for weekends and 19% for nights.... many others range near $25/hr
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    NRP,FP-C,CCP-C, A.A.( that's right, Associate's degree!!!! 5 years Military Civilian medic since 2012
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    About 3 months ago some local hospitals asked our agency to go over impella training for all crew members.
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    USAF Pararescue Training

    SOF= Special Operations Forces ( covers all special operations regardless of branch) SF= Special Forces (Green Beret)
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    USAF Pararescue Training

    so a random video? cool story bro!