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    Chest Pain

    You are called to a residence at 2000 hours for a patient experiencing chest pain. Upon arrival, you enter the residence and find a 73 year old patient laying on his bed in obvious distress. The pt. is awake and alert. Describes 9/10 substernal chest pain of sudden onset. He has a...
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    D50 with LR

    Are there any reasons not to push D50 through an IV line of Lactated Ringer's? I couldn't find any listed as a contraindication, I've just never thought about it.
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    NREMT-P Psychomotor points to pass?

    How many points are needed to pass each of the psychomotor skills? For example, on the "Cardiac Arrest management/AED" a total of 18 points are possible, aside from the critical criteria, how many can I miss and still pass the skill? Sorry if this has been posted here before, but I couldn't...
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    Best Audio Study Material

    I'm headed on a long road trip and would like to use the time to study for my paramedic class. I'm about halfway through it. Can anyone recommend any audio material? I've found two things so far, one is called vangonotes and it is done by the Audible company. It is five sections each about 5...