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    (me to patients) Any drugs or alcohol today?

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    Sac Metro Fire Department

    They are hiring. Anybody know anything about 'em? I couldn't find much online.
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    Feedback Devices for CPR

    Have any of you guys ever used feedback devices for CPR like the Philip's MRx QCPR where it tells you if you need to compress deeper, faster, or allow recoil? During our off time, my crew and I were going over how to use it, what to expect, etc. Talking about how we can improve our CPR. Only...
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    Man killed in fiery crash identified as Bay Area EMT I kinda found this sad cause I'm an EMT in Contra Costa County, but I don't work for the same company and dunno this guy, but it's just a bummer things like this happen. Bay Area EMTs/Paramedics seem...
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    Another Cold Read

    I got this 12-lead from the ECG Club on Facebook, and got the original poster's permission to post it here since I thought this was a fun 12-lead to interpret. No further information on the patient's age, chief complaint (if any), medications, and pre-existing conditions. (Click on the image...
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    Is PEtCO2 Overrated?

    For the past couple of months, maybe year, I've been hearing paramedics and instructors talk about the latest big thing, PEtCO2 (end tidal carbon dioxide, often referred to as "capnography" or "end tidal"), and how it's really good, and way better than SpO2 (pulse oximetry or "pulse ox"). They...
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    2 EMTs, patient killed in Ga. ambulance wreck I don't think I saw anybody post this up. Only part of it that doesn't really make sense to me is where it said Who was in the back with the patient?! I am guessing it was the Whiddon...
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    EMS1 ECG Challenge: The Missed Match Too bad I replied pretty late. Everyone else already called out what I think is the correct answer, but I still tried pointing out specific features that make me think of the answer, or things that...
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    EMS1 ECG Challenge: The Court's Verdict What do you guys think?
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    Can't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate (CICO)

    Awhile ago, I posted a thread on rapid sequence induction since I felt my paramedic program didn't go a good job covering (ie "You'll never do this... *click* *click* *click*...). Linuss recommended that I read Manual of Emergency Airway Management, which I am still in the middle of. One point...
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    Pediatric Bradycardia - Why Epi First?

    I was wondering why the pediatric bradycardia guidelines are different than adults. So off I went to visit Brown at the EMTLife retirement home because Brown seems pretty damn knowledgeable. I found Brown in Brown's room watching TV; Cat in the Hat hat unused and also retired to the bedside...
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    Are mnemonics useful? In my opinion, mnemonics are useful. They have their limits, if you rely on them, don't expand on them, ask questions that are irrelevant cause it's part of mnemonic, you are limiting yourself. Sometimes mnemonics are more complicated than just...
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    NPA Bevel In-or-Out

    I am reading Manual of Emergency Airway Management 3rd Edition (thanks Linuss). It talked about Kiesselbach's plexus (Little's area) and the nasal turbinates (concha), and it answered one question I've always wondered. "Why does it matter which direction the bevel faces when inserting the...
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    Rapid Sequence Induction HOWTO?

    Brown (he's in a retirement home) and I were talking about rapid sequence induction.. I remember he used to talk about it all the time, and I forgot a lot about it since I've read my airway chapter in my paramedic textbook. He disagreed with my book. I wanted to hear how do you guys do it, what...
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    New Name That ECG ems12lead

    This one is way less scary for me. I posted my findings and conclusion on there, and I encourage you guys to post your thoughts there too. My conclusion was I've seen it, hear people say it, but never am too sure about it, but are those...
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    ECG of the Week

    Has anybody else seen ECG of the week on I posted up my thoughts on the website, but I'd like to hear from you guys too.
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    United EMS Workers - AFSCME

    I am wondering if any of you guys are in this union, and what you think of it. I've read post on what people think of union in general, seems people can agree that for employees, it can be a good or bad thing. I work for a company that in my opinion is the best IFT company in the area, but...
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    Psych Hold - How do you assess?

    First I am gonna share with you guys the story about this call I did that prompted me to ask this question. You guys might think I'm really bad (or hopefully not) for saying these things to a patient, but I hope to learn from you guys, and not repeat this mistake. Today I did a transport, and...
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    My twin brother bought me oakley sunglasses. He tried them on first to see if they'd look good on him, and then he bought them for me. :) I also got two seasons of House on DVD (just started watching that show in the middle of last season and enjoy it just about every week on Hulu on now), and...
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    Cardiac Arrest Prehospital vs. Hospital

    I honestly believed that, but I am questioning it reading this. I was under the impression that at the hospital, usually just chest compressions, ventilation, shocking, rhythm interpretation, and ACLS drugs were push, and that's it; the things we do in an ambulance/on scene. In my anatomy book...