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    Syncopal episodes for pregnant pt

    I had a pt yesterday that I've been trying to find the answer for a question that I've had with no luck. Pt is a 29 year old that is 34 weeks pregnant and has been having syncopal episodes since she was a teenager. They diagnosed them at that time as a vasovagal response to severe menstrual...
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    Emails coming through when sub is set to no emails?

    I've had my profile set up for a year or so with no emails. Recently, I started getting emails for threads again, but it's still to no email. Anything to do besides unsub?
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    Mother of Fallen Yarnell Hill Firefighter Files Claim Seeking $36 Million Thoughts? Do you think she is right or wrong? Personally, I have to question her true motives. Especially when she has already stated that she will settle for $12m if it's...
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    Firehouse burglarized while firefighters were out battling Calif. wildfire This is pretty freakin' low... Just a question, if this becomes more prevalent, do you think CCTV set ups would be worthwhile?
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    Yarnell FF challenge coin

    In honor of the fallen Yarnell firefighters, my friend's dad made this challenge coin. 100% of the proceeds go to a fund set aside toward building a memorial. The coins are $18.
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    18 firefighters dead- Yarnell (Phoenix) I live about 30 miles south of here and the crew I do my ride alongs with were dispatched out there. No word yet on who was injured (there's been another 4 injured) or killed.
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    Couple of EMT basic resume questions for recent high school grad.

    Hey all, so I got a few resume questions for you all, if you'd mind. I tried the search, but couldn't find anything related to high school graduates seeking employment. I'll try to keep it short, but I don't really have any one that can help me with this (mom is unemployed, step dad is...
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    THOR- robotic first responder. Stumbled onto this article today. Supposedly it was going to done in late December, but I can't find anything else on the final results. What do you guys think of it, though? From the video it doesn't look...
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    2 Firefighters fatally wounded when responding to call Great way to start Christmas Eve.
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    Car accident right in front of you- do you help (offduty)?

    Alright, so I know there's threads like this, but this exact thing happened to me yesterday. I'm not NR certified yet, so keep that in mind. Yesterday, I was actually on my way to go take my psychomotor portion of my exam and stopped at Circle K for a quick drink. Hop out my car, hear tires...
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    EMT employment for 18 y/o

    Hey all. So I've ran into a dilemma as far as getting an EMT job. I'm in a high school EMT class (all the students attend a high school during the day, then go to EMT at night, paid for by scholarships). That being said I'm only 18 years old. I was told by all of our instructors, who are all...