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  1. socalmedic

    Powerpoint Power users?

    I hope one of you is a "PowerPoint Power User" because I need some help making some animations. I am making some ECG PowerPoint for an upcoming lecture and hate the supplied PPTs. I am trying to start from scratch and design everything on my own. I have created my templates and a basic static...
  2. socalmedic

    Mississippi Paramedic Critically Injured

    A friend and former coworker was hit by a drunk driver last week while treating a patient who was also a victim of an earlier Auto-Ped TC. she is still in critical condition and needs our prayers. also if you are an AMR employee please consider donating some PTO to her fiance so that he can...
  3. socalmedic

    its the end of the E series. Fords new van!!

    are you all ready for your mind to be blown? 2013 is the last year of the E-series. Ford is releasing the full size Transit as the only van available after this year. quick spec- 6'6" interior height Sliding side doors three engine options -3.7 liter naturally aspirated V6...
  4. socalmedic

    Ski meet!

    As the title implies, I have an epic pass so if anyone wants to meet up in Tahoe or the vail area let me know!! This season already has great snow. Shoot me a pm or post here.
  5. socalmedic

    CALIFORNIA Title 22 regulations change

    time for another comment period, please everyone if you are in CA read the document and share your feelings with your agency!!! this is our chance to make a change for the better. this link will be open until november 8th, 2012
  6. socalmedic

    Critical Care Paramedic Courses, for Ca

    "An approved CCP training program shall provide for an monitor a supervised clinical experience at a hospital(s) that is licensed as a general acute care hospital and holds a permit to operate a basic or comprehensive emergency medical service. The clinical setting may be expanded to include...
  7. socalmedic

    how to embed youtube?

    how do you embed a video so it plays on the forum?
  8. socalmedic

    Critical Care study tips

    my goal is to have CCP-C, FP-C, and maby even CCEMT-P by june. I need to start studying critical care topics that will be on the test and in the classes. what books, web-sites, other resources do you guys recommend to study from? do any of you have any tips or pointers you have picked up along...
  9. socalmedic

    using Pubmed and other research engines.

    ok, I am trying to change the way some of my coworkers view the treatments given. Ie all ALS patients get IV, O2, Monitor... i am having some trouble reading full articles. can someone shed some light on how i can view the whole article on Pubmed and other similar engines. are there any other...
  10. socalmedic

    Mr brown was found

    not really, but here is a report from the LAcoFD USAR team in New Zealand.
  11. socalmedic

    Central Mississippi, Travel Medic, need INFO asap

    ok so I got a call today about a travel medic position in Jackson Mississippi, it is with AMR. they are offering me 30 day rotations with living/travel/transportation provided. the pay is great however all this is sounding like one of those too good to be true situations. they want me to start...
  12. socalmedic

    LA county ALS accreditation.

    ok, first off you can all call me a hypocrite, I have applied for and been offered a Job as an IFT paramedic in LA county:ph34r:. I know I swore never to do this, but the money is getting kinda tight and i cant afford to keep driving the way I am just to be employed elsewhere, for less money...
  13. socalmedic

    Local ER now has Appointment Times!!! wtf

    my local hospital now allows you to make an appointment for the ER from home, and you are guaranteed to be seen with in 15 min of your appointment time. oh and this is going to cost more money. what will they think of next.
  14. socalmedic

    Advanced 12 lead Course.

    hey all, here is an upcoming 12 lead course in the riverside CA area. I have taken this man's class before and i can tell you he is a great instructor, as you can see by the tuition he is not in this for the money. if you want his contact info PM me (if this is OK with the mods, if this is in...
  15. socalmedic

    CARE ambulance (CA) partnered with Euro company

    care ambulance will be partnering with european company falck ambulance. story is below.
  16. socalmedic

    AMR in the North East

    so I am a new paramedic looking to escape southern california, i notice that AMR has many postings for the northeast. mostly in Massachusetts does anybody have Information from out there. is it a well run operation, how is the pay vs cost of living, would you recommend working there. if any of...
  17. socalmedic

    for those of you in the mid west...

    it is 78* and sunny with a slight breeze from the south west. I think i may hit the beach in a bit and catch some waves...
  18. socalmedic

    Ventura County Accreditation test

    I am taking the Ventura county Accreditation test on Aug, 5th and was hoping someone here could give me some info on what to expect from it. How long is the test, what kind of questions are on it, is is strictly protocol questions or is it scenario based? fill in the blank, multiple choice...