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  1. piranah

    anyone else get the new iphone 4?

    I love this device and the programs like epocrates and different referance apps really work smooth and snappy...
  2. piranah

    New ipad

    I like it....I'm on my friends right now and the user interface is even feels more natural to type on then a regular computer.....I feel like I'm in star trek.......any comments...or has anyone gotten one?
  3. piranah

    "TRAUMA"...It's Back!!!

    So I'm really not sure why they brought this back...any ideas.. I was pretty sure the union put the idea out that this represented us in the wrong way. Anyway, maybe they actually hired someone to get some idea whats its really like. I hope that they have changed.
  4. piranah

    Coakley VS. Scott Brown

    who do you feel should get the seat?....I'm for Scott Brown to stop that version for health care...any remarks?
  5. piranah

    New Haven/Hartford area

    just wondering if anyone is from that area and how AMR is with the 911....possibly looking into going that direction.
  6. piranah

    fake patches

    anyone heard of these fake NREMT patches off ebay? any details?
  7. piranah

    OK.....I just passed my NREMT practical!!!!

    just got the results from the testing facility. I passed and am done with is such a relief...hard test to.
  8. piranah

    just passed my medic

    thanks everyone..just passed my NREMT-p written @ 100 questions..( i know it doesnt matter)....thanks everyone for your help
  9. piranah

    does my paramedic school count as con-ed

    I'm a basic that is right at the edge of getting my medic nationally and my national basic running taking a BLS refresher for my RI license but i was wondering if my medic school counts as con-ed for my recert...? thank you in advanced
  10. piranah

    all i need is a code so here it is for the last two months I've been riding on a medic fly-car waiting for a code. I just need 1 tube and an electrical therapy. All of my other skills are done and the experience I'm getting is amazing but this is killing me I'm gunna get to 500 hrs on this truck with...
  11. piranah

    Close to testing....

    Ok so all I need now on my ride time is a code for 1 tube and 1 shock....anybody have any tips on how I should start to bring myself back to "testing" mindset? I get closer I get more and more nervous about testing...any information or tips are greatly appreciated....I'm already using a...
  12. piranah


    Just went to beth israel for the first time...lots of cataldo trucks....nice place... Anyone work for cataldo? Nice trucks too..
  13. piranah

    phillips home defib.

    just saw a commercial for this....apparently it's the only one available without a prescription.....i actually might get one for my home with my fathers condition...
  14. piranah

    ok....whats your take...

    I was working a code the other day in the ER status witnessed arrest immediate CPR, EMS within 5 arrives in ER I cont. asystolic upon arrival (checked in 2nd lead)-pulse/-cardiac activity w/ ultrasound..line unable by EMS..upon arrival line started in L hand...1 mg epi/1mg...
  15. piranah

    Cop arrests firefighter while on-scene!!!!! wow....I cant believe this......firefighter won 18k settlement in frederal court after this.....and he was a captain!!!!!
  16. piranah

    Bristol Fire Dept. line of duty death...

    R.I.P Wayne Brown... he died responding to a car fire/suicide.....
  17. piranah

    Im looking for a job near New Haven any ideas.....

    any ideas... i heard about AMR or somthing like that but i just want to work for a either private/municipal 911 service
  18. piranah

    To many accidents with my company... theres been a couple more but i cant find the articles.....everyone is ok....
  19. piranah

    I passed paramedic school!!!!!!!!!

    so very very happy...I just passed my final for the was 4 1/2 hr long test....I am speechless.....I just wanted to thank everyone who''s helped me along the it is on to clinicals and the New Hampshire practicals and NREMT CBT
  20. piranah

    trouble with practicals... paramedic

    hello....well I'm at the end of my paramedic school and I'm about to take the other half of my practicals this sat. the written is on weds...not to worried about the written but I get super nervous for the practicals....It's the class practical final....anyone have any advice on how to calm my...