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  1. Lozenger19

    Heroes among us

    Cheers seth and congrats M8
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    Contest closing times

    I've subscribed to this forum but always miss the contest closing times. It is not always possible to get Internet access and there may be the issue of different country/ different time zone. Is anyone else having the same problem?
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    [Closed] De-stressing Contest. Win a paracord bracelet!

    When I finish work I destress by going down to my local gym for about 1hour. The gym also has a spa so that helps relax me after my work out. Once returning home from the gym, I call any of my best friends to see if they are free. If not, then it's dinner and tv time. If there isn't anything...
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    EMS Self Defense

    We have been taught self defence and can use "reasonable" force in needed as long as we can prove it is for our safety or the safety of the patient
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    Has anyone dated or married a former patient?

    I have & it worked out amazingly well. We are getting married, but haven't set the date yet
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    Used auto injectors, what's a good way to safety them?

    I have 2 of the new style "jext" Epi pens. The needle automatically retracts after administration, so when you "pull it out" of the patients leg no needle is visible. You know the dose has been administrated because the pen "clicks" on admin and you can hear the needle retracting
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    Medic alert tags

    Haha LOVE IT
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    Medic alert tags

    I have spoken to the top manager that I can possibly go to and was told "no bracelets for infection control reasons & no necklaces as we have a no jewellery policy. Necklaces can also be broken by patients" There are no exceptions!! So at the moment.... I'm not wearing any form of medic alert...
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    Medic alert tags

    Hello everyone I'm not sure if there is a post for this anywhere but, I'm mainly based in a hospital and have been told that I'm not allowed to ware my medic alert tag round my wrist and I'm not allowed to ware any necklaces. I was just wondering if anyone else has come across this situation...
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    I'm part of UNISON. Great union
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    Unions for EMS

    I'm not looking to start an argument!!! I'm a union steward & think that unions are great for the workplace. I've seen good things that the union has done. Yes.... There are some bad things, but good out weighs bad. That's just my opinion
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    Asthma question

    Agreed. That's the last thing you need of your having an asthma attack & I would be really angry if you tries to do that to me during an attack
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    Shopping for boots

    I wear magnum classic Army boots. Love them, best boots I've ever worn
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    Do you wear sunglasses at work?

    I ware sunglasses when I'm on duty. The only time I don't ware them is if i'm treating a patient.
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    Black shoes

    I ware magnum classic army boots. They look smart and are very comfortable
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    "Emergency!" Fans

    I love it :)
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    Poll for Female members only

    I like this forum. The last EMT forum I was part of (UK ambulance) were really mean to me. I asked them what a phrase meant (as I'm autistic and didn't understand), one of the administrators had a go at me for asking and said that I can't use an illness as an excuse for asking pathetic...
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    Must have Iphone apps for EMS

    I use iBooks for reading PDF files. Give it a try
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    Just saying hi!

    Welcome to the forum
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    Unions under attack

    I strongly disagree with this statement. Just because a company has a union doesn't mean it sucks. Not everybody likes unions, but being a senior union steward in my work place, I've seen a lot of good things my union has done. I'd there weren't unions, there would be a lot of inequalities at...