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    Value of B's

    I'm just curious...& I hope this question doesn't come off the wrong way to anyone...I'm really hoping to get some genuine input...this kind of goes along with Guardian's "video" thread, which got me thinking... On our very active, volunteer 911 EMS service, every shift we have at least 1...
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    Treatment for Pepper Spray

    Hi everyone...a quick question... If dispatched to the county jail to treat a 25 year old patient (in custody & handcuffed) who'd been sprayed with pepper spray approximately 1 hour prior to EMS arrival, what would be your course of action? This patient had no visible signs of irritation...
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    ER Staff Attitudes

    I'm interested to know if others experience poor attitudes with their ER staff...& to what extent. For example, when bringing in a patient, a nurse questions your treatment...("Why is he on 15 LPM? <that's our protocol>", "Why didn't you start an IV?" <I'm BLS>). How about when they do it in...