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    Personal History Statements!

    These are a joy to fill out. To those of you who have lived, let alone worked, in multiple states or have job hopped a bit or even just changed residences in the same neighborhood... respect. I could have sworn I made a made a Word file and documented all of my answers, specifically the ones...
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    EMS in riot scenario

    Before I start, I just want to clarify that a "riot scenario" in this context means a scenario in which there are emergency personnel wearing "riot gear". "Riot police" are police officers wearing "riot gear". This thread is about the operations of EMS in that scenario. Below is a Ruptly video...
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    NREMT Recert Skills Documentation

    For recertifying my NREMT I understand there is a CE portion and a Skills portion. The CE part is all taken care of, and I'll be doing skills with my FTO (sounds more like an internal requirement). So, my question is, how do I need to keep record of me getting these skills signed off? That...
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    Arrhythmia Dance

    I'm sure this (or a variant of it) has been posted here before, but it is funny enough to watch again. I've never seen it before, my girlfriend found it. I guess it is a remake of an older card's similar video. Made my day though.
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    Stethoscope Diaphragm Ring Coming Off

    Howdy folks. I have a decent little Littman Classic II SE that I've owned for a few years now and have had great success with. As I've been transitioning to a medical/rescuer role in special operations I have started carrying my stethoscope in a little bit more aggressive ways. Per...
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    Pulsed O2 Regulators

    Had some surprise CE today in the ED when a patient came in SOB and 77% "on oxygen", supposedly 2L. Get him back, 6L puts him at 98% within a minute. Scaled it down and found 2L is a good fit. But wait. That's how we started. No, apparently he was set to 2L "pulsed", which I read releases a...
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    Situational awareness strategy

    Came across this video while rolling through LiveLeak, found it to be pretty interesting, and certainly applicable to more than just LEOs. When approaching a shady scene or patient, what do you and/or your team do to help keep yourselves safe? I think we all know that LEO on scene is no excuse.
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    Baltimore situation & EMS response

    Anybody have any information on how EMS is operating in Baltimore with the rioting going on? I hadn't heard much specific to them until today when I saw a report involving bricks being thrown at fire trucks and routes to burning buildings being blocked by protesters. Anybody on the ground there?
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    STAR Flight nurse Kristin McLain dies in greenbelt fall from helicopter Happened last night. Fortunately the patient made it. Not sure what exactly happened, but multiple stories say she "fell from the hoist" while tending the basket. Either way, its a shame, and another unfortunate...
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    So, I've got to ask, as I have multiple textbooks that conflict and multiple reputable websites conflicting. At the end of the day, who cares, but why not make a fuss over it? Intervertebral disc, or intervertebral disk?
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    Licensure/scope clarification

    This question is simply due to thinking too hard about things, but is a curiosity of mine. I understand that, generally, EMT/Paramedic schools allow you to sit for certification which then allows for testing/application for state licensure which seems to be the "golden ticket" to practicing...
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    Sternal rub... who's doing it?

    I was taught coming out of school that, "based on evidence" (which I to this day have never seen), the sternal rub is being phased out because of lasting injury to the sternum from test after all receiving providers in the chain of care have done it. I don't see EMTs in my area do it, but I see...
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    Substance abbreviations

    The most common "not-so-good-for-you" substance abbreviation I can think of is ETOH, but I am curious if any of your systems use anything else as well. For instance, THC for marijuana. In the past I've always just written it out if the patient stated it, never thought anything of it until now...
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    ACE wrap tourniquet?

    I'm trying to avoid getting a CAT for my SAR pack as it is not exactly a multi purpose item. I do however already carry ACE bandages of various sizes for multiple reasons. I don't have one in my room at the moment to run a little test, but I am curious, do y'all think that an ACE bandage would...
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    Texas based, 24 Hour Refresher

    My NREMT expiration is still a year off but I keep busy with school so am trying to keep track of what I need to do, since this will be my first time around. I am getting the first 48 through my BS in Athletic Training that is in progress. The remaining 24 can then be done by a traditional 24...
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    "Struck poolside when diving"

    As usual, there is no "right answer" here, I am just curious about how y'all would/have handled such a situation. Saw the video as a clip on TV and noted the sneaky posturing. You're on an urban ALS or BLS truck when you are dispatched to a neighborhood pool for a "Struck poolside when diving"...
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    Rib Compression - Special Test

    I'm curious, has anyone ever been taught this? It is apparently a "thing" in AT, and I'm not quite sure I am for it. Procedure - With anterior-posterior placement of the palms at the level of the body of the sternum, push inwawrdly. Then, with both hands on either side of the patient just under...
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    Electrophysiology behind Commotio Cordis?

    I have always been under the impression that commotio cordis was caused by an impact to the chest wall that was juuuust right in order to essentially "create" an R-on-T, resulting in vfib. For whatever reason the electrophysiology of the event was brought up in an AT class the other day, and the...
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    Your system's "occupational health"?

    I am curious to hear about what the process is for your individual systems in managing an on-duty injury. For instance, you sustain a hand injury during an MVC extrication. Assuming the system will care for you, what is the process of obtaining evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation? Are you...
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    HCM-related Sudden Death rhythm?

    I didn't want to derail the topic that this originally came up in, but I have been wondering this for the past few days. In Sudden Death, and for my interest specifically in athletes during exertion, what rhythm is shown on the monitor? Is SCA, specifically from HCM, even an electrical issue...