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    Small vent story with questions about it.

    I have minimal experience with vents and I'd like to get a grasp on them. Any resources you can recommend? I'm a paramedic and I was in the process of telling my dispatcher to send someone who knows how to use a vent. An actually has a vent. As I was explaining the situation to the nurse I...
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    Gotta put the Grandma in a nursing home

    Get home from a 13 hour shift to find out grandma can no longer care for herself. Mom can't handle it either. Everyone turns to me cause I'm in EMS. I'm supposed to know exactly what to do lol. A home seems like the only option. I'm really too tired to figure this out until I catch some Z's...
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    Questions about excelsior program Medic ~ RN bridge

    Has anyone been through the excelsior paramedic to RN recently? I wanted to know how difficult it was to make it on your own. My local college has a bridge but I'm one course short of entry and I'm not gonna make it. Don't want to sit around for a year. The links How hard is the material? Do...
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    Overtime vs. 2nd Job

    Hey all, I've recently started working overtime and I got my first check. Uncle Sam basically had his way with me and I was wondering if I would make more money just getting a 2nd job that pays the same. I've never really looked at my paycheck <yes I realize how stupid that is> and just looked...
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    Are protocols some kind of secret?

    I asked a buddy of mine to share his so I could look check it out. He said he couldnt send it to me because I didnt work for in the state of Colorado....okay? When I ask other agencies around me they seem to very reluctant to share and I get some crazy looks to boot. Its not like Im asking for...
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    Securing stethescope/ ems gear

    I keep losing my damn steths. Is there a device that ties it to my body? Also, does anyone have any experience with the ultrascopes? The add makes it sound like you can hear breayh sounds through leather jackets
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    Call review 54 yom syncopal.

    New medic here just wanted a call review. So I'm sitting in the unit *****ing about how bored I am..... We get a call dropped on us for 54 yom pt down, changing colors. Takes about 15 minutes to get on scene. I get on scene and climb some giant stairway that reminds me of the temple of doom...
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    Questions about paramedic experience and jobs.

    Hello, instead of multi-posting I'll just ask a bunch of questions here. Feel free to answer all or some. I've been an EMT-I in at a busy 911 center for approximately 5.5 years. I finally got my medic! All 150 questions $@#$%. Anyways, I was was fired from my job and can never return. Too many...
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    additional reading

    Hello. Im taking a paramedic class. Our primary resources are emergency care in the streets. I also have a recent copy of the brady books. From what Ive read, these books have little information beyond the basics. Doesnt help that the course is bare bones either. Can you guys recommend a...
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    paramedic to rn bridge_excelsior program

    Does anyone know what the validity is for the online excelsior program. I've been searchin the web for a while, but no success in finding accurate information. From what I understand you take an online class(at your leisure) do some clinicals and take some rn equivalent national registry...
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    I did something dumb

    I had a patient with an O2 sat ranging from 82 to 89. I didn't give him any o2, very stupid. At the time my reasoning was That he was talking to me. That his respirations were 18 I asked him if he felt short of breath and he said no. Looking back at the vitals after the transport it...
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    Backing up the ambulance.

    The short: I cannot backup an ambulance into a spot. Any tips? I always miss the spot, come in wrong. The only thing I know to do Is to look at my back tire and the ground with the small mirror. Line it up and park. Im lucky if I find the damn line though... The Long. Why? Why must...