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    Moving to texas

    I'm looking to move from California to Texas I was offered a job at Etmc Waco but I can't find much info on how the system works or even if it's a good place to work. If anyone has worked there before pls shed some light or if there are better paying companies that treat there employees well...
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    Special medical aid looking for part time emt and first responders

    Special Medical Aid is hiring Special Medical Aid was created in 1994, its vision was to create a dynamic Emergency Medical stand-by company. Special Medical Aid is comprised of a highly motivated medical staff backed by the latest technology all are dedicated to providing fast, fair and...
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    ETMC Pasadena

    ive been thinking about applying here but i know very little about the area and "etmc" im from california i know of paramedics plus here so i know they are a good company here but can anyone give me their opinion on the company in that area and is it worth signing the 2 year contract for 7500...