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  1. ThadeusJ

    Billing: Bilevel versus simple CPAP

    Quick question about billing and reimbursement: is Bilevel different from simple CPAP? I realize the clinical implications and outcomes, but from a logistics persepctive, is there a difference besides cost of equipment? I'm exploring a cost/case examination.
  2. ThadeusJ

    Using Collapased Adult BVM for Children or Infants

    Need some help from the professionals here. I have heard of people using a collapsed adult BVM for use on children and/or infants in order to obtain a smaller tidal volume. As a clinician, I never needed it as we always had a supply of proper sized units. For the life of me, I don't know the...
  3. ThadeusJ

    Jammed ETT Connector...Solutions?

    Having a discussion with my esteemed colleagues and would like additional input. Has anyone experienced a jammed ETT (or other device) that was jammed onto the BVM or vent connection so tight that you couldn't separate them and/or use the wedge that may have been supplied? Any thoughts and...
  4. ThadeusJ

    Canadian Providers: Access to equipment may decrease in 2018/2019

    Greetings all, I wanted to reach out to Canadian EMS providers to inform them that access to some equipment may decrease throughout the rest of 2018 and 2019 due to changes in Health Canada's regulatory program. The MDSAP program is a well-intentioned auditing program where a third party...
  5. ThadeusJ

    New Hypertension Guidelines

    Last fall the AHA released a lower standard for the definition of hypertension and pre-hypertension. Just wondering how this has affected your calls and/or treatment. Personally I see this as something that is discovered more in the family practice setting and less in the pre-hospital EMS...
  6. ThadeusJ

    Fentanyl Cross Contamination

    Here's an interesting scenario we were asked about: The recent spate of fentanyl and carfentanil overdoses have been associated with at least two health care providers (here and here) being exposed and treated for opioid toxicity after a response. It has been suggested that first responders...
  7. ThadeusJ

    Securing a Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA)

    I was once taught (by a sage wise man...or was it a woman?) that upon placement of a NPA, one should secure it using a safety pin and a piece of tape to the bridge of the nose. I was asked about this and after a 30 minute search on Dr. Google, I was able to find a single reference in a...
  8. ThadeusJ

    CPAP and Nebulized Meds

    I have searched a few patient care protocols for information but I would like to get an idea on a wider scale. For those who use CPAP, what is the occurrence of administering nebulized bronchodilators at the same time? And for those who do, is it part of the same protocol or are you using two...
  9. ThadeusJ

    Any Canadians Heading to EMS Today in Baltimore his year?

    Any Canadians heading down to Baltimore at the end of the month?
  10. ThadeusJ

    If you could

    The recent discussion on Homan's Sign got me thinking... IF you could apply your name (or avatar, whatever) to a diagnostic test, maneuver, or part of the body, what would it be? Something that anyone in the industry could understand and appreciate. Unfortunately all the sphincters are...
  11. ThadeusJ

    Nasal Cannula

    Had an interesting discussion about the preferred style of "nose hose" aka nasal cannula. There are a million shapes and style out there and most often they are purchased based on price. If you had the choice, what's your preference: straight, curved, flared/non-flared, long... No one...
  12. ThadeusJ

    A new take on CPR looking at rural scenarios

    Has anyone seen this latest report from St Michael's Hospital in Toronto? It looks at performing CPR in regions where EMS response time is greater than 15 minutes. This goes back to my discussions with key thought leaders who often base their protocols on scenarios where they are surrounded by...