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    Where can I get those "EMS Strong" red line wrist bands?

    When I'm getting grub on the job I usually see another company that we work with. This EMT I always used to see had "EMS Strong" with a redline wristband. I haven't seen him in a while to ask him where he got it, I looked all over online and couldn't find it... anyone know where I can buy one...
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    What are some things I can put on my FDNY app

    What would make my list number better besides obviously putting down that I'm an EMT. I want a good list number, will the FEMA courses help? I already have ISW 700 & 800. As well as a few others. What did you guys who applied or already on the job put down for your FDNY EMS application? Sent...
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    FDNY EMT Question

    I recently got my NYS EMT-B cert. I reside in NYC and I'm looking forward to file for FDNY EMT in September. Can any of you guys who already went through the whole process tell me what to expect? How long did it take from the moment you filed online to the moment you got called for the physical...