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    What to do when you need help?

    My agency has disabled all of the panic buttons on our radios do to an incident where an officer accidentally hit the button and while he was chasing a person down the street, his swearing was broadcast over the radio. It was actually pretty funny. bu i was wondering what some people do if you...
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    Recovery Position

    I work as a lifeguard but I am also an EMT. We were training where I work as a lifeguard and my supervisor asked me a question out of a lifeguarding book. Here is the question. You are working as a lifeguard and you walk into a maintenance room and find a maintenance worker laying supine on...
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    I was working as a lifeguard today and it was brought to my attention, since I am an EMT, that a kid had a very fast heart rate. When I walked up to him he did not seem to be in any distress but when I took his pulse it was at 150. I could feel it in his chest. I told them to call 911 and I...
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    5th and 6th degree burns?

    I had always thought there were the only 4 degrees of burns. Recently though, I have seen what I thought were credible sources talking about fifth and sixth degree burns. Are these real or are they a misnomer. In my EMT book it only had 4.
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    Flying a fall Victim

    I recently went a on a call for a 60 y/o male that fell down the stairs. We are a bls squad and als and a helicopter were also dispatched. When we got there the pt was intoxicated but his speech was not slurred and I couldn't smell it on his breath . We did a rapid trauma and he didn't...
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    MVA with entrapment

    We were sitting at the building for hours with nothing going on. We had been on a CO alarm but the lady was fine. Around 17:40 right before shift change the tones went out for a MVA with entrapment. We got in the rig and took off. It was on the line of our town and a neighboring town so both...
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    I am taking my NJ EMT state test Monday and I was wondering about the CEU requirements. I know I need 24 core and 24 elective and I know I am going to take all the normal classes like PHTLS, GEMS, PEPP etc. but I want to know if anyone knows of cool CEU classes that I could take. I looked...
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    Dealing with Family and Friends

    I recently went on a CPR call but when I got on scene it turns out that the kid hung himself. Anyway, because I am so young people including, Squad members, family, friends all think that it is bothering me and that am repressing the sadness. The truth is that I feel no pity for someone who...
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    Altered Mental Status Scenario

    I am in a EMTB class in nj. Today we had a scenario where I, a first responder, respond to unknown medical. On arrival pt was sitting up against a wall. When I introduced myself the pt was obviously altered with no by bystanders. To open his airway I layed him down and applied o2. Checked...
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    NREMT or NJ State Test

    I am currently in an EMT class in nj and am graduating in May. I then have to take the state test. I was wondering if I could take the nremt test instead. I am going to college next year and would like to continue being an EMT in other states. I wasn't sure if you had to be certified in the...
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    Responding and Transporting Code 3

    I have recently heard people talk about not wanting ambulances to drive lights and sirens to a scene and to the hospitals. I don't see why anyone would not want to get to places as fast as possible. Stroke as an example are time sensitive and if your having a stroke do you really want the...
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    Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator in NJ

    Does anyone know how old you must be to take a CEVO course in nj