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    Peds EKG question

    Hey guys, I am a EMT in Colorado with my EKG cert. I work in an ER and I ran into a scenario I never learned about or have encountered yet. I wish I had strips to show. I apologize if this is something I should 100% know how to do. I ran a EKG on a 16 month old in respiratory distress. Our...
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    What do you do off-duty?

    Hey guys, I am looking for something to do on off days. I work nights so I have gaps of time during the day when my fiancé is at work that I just sit around the house. I live in Colorado and I hike regularly but I need something else that's a bit more social. I would like to find an...
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    Volunteering outside agency, worried about legal

    Hey all, So I work in an ER in the state of Colorado. I have been asked by a supervisor outside the ER (inpatient) to volunteer for an event not supervised by my hospital. I am more than happy to help out fellow employees. It would be simple first aid for a 2 day high school science fair. I...