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    There's a thread about this already, but it hasn't been posted on since 2007. I'd like some new thoughts on it because I know there's been more info to come out. I recently had a call where a senior medic had a talk with me because I didn't place the pt in Trendelenburg possition. I told...
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    Blue lips

    Called for a 33/M sick person. pt laying on couch on arrival. C/o cramping and R foot swelling. no pain, N/V, SOB. Nothing. Hx- pt has 3 chambered heart with pacemaker. EKG shows an irregularly paced rhythm. bp 96 systolic. pt says he nomally runs low. pt goes to put a shirt on to get on...
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    Kidney Failure

    I've been on a few calls with people in kidney failure and having different types of problems due to dialysis lately. anyone got any good reading on kidney function, the dialysis process, and complications from it? Preferably something that's not too long winded.
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    Another backboarding Scenario

    Ok, I know this is probably beating a dead horse here, but let's see. 17/f ATV accident. pt has obvious femur fracture, elbow pain. no pain anywhere else until spine is palpated. pt has pain in lumbar region. pt says she has scoliosis and the pain is in the location of the curvature of...
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    50,000+ pop w/ volunteer services

    Anyone know of any cities with a population of over 50,000 that run a volunteer fire/ambulance service? One city council member here is trying to purpose a volunteer/combination department so we don't have to raise taxes in our city. The guy's out of his mind if you ask me. A city the...
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    The nice things a patient will do.

    We all have stories and love to hear stories about the ridiculous things our patients do and say. Today I came into work and was greeted by a giant basket of goodies, a gallon of ice cream, and a 2 liter of rootbeer from the family of a patient we responded to last week. The guy had low BP...
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    Hypoglycemia Secondary to Stroke

    Ok, I wasn't the lead on this so these decisions wern't my call. Just want to see if how I would've handled it would have been more appropriate. Just went on a 90/m suffering "stroke like" symptoms since the night before. Pt has some facial drooping, slurred speech, unequal pupils, and...
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    37/m Liver Failure

    Just had a great one- 37/M talking with his girlfriend starts mouthing that he's going to pass out, not able to speak, just mouthing the words. Falls, hits the ground, stops breathing. We arrive, no bystander CPR, we work him. Asystole at first, after a round of epi, we intubated him, good...
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    When Not To Transport

    I recently moved to Idaho where I have encountered a very different view of patient transport than I am used to. I was wondering what the view is elsewhere and if anyone shares the same view as either of the two states I've worked in. So in my previous state (won't mention where) it is the...
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    Dangerous orders

    I've got my first oral interview with the Henderson Fire Department in a few days and I've been going over possible questions that will be asked and I've got one that I can't really come up with a good answer with. So you've been given orders that you know are dangerous. What do you do about...
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    I've been reading about different types of shock and I've come across something that puzzles me. According to my reading peritonitis and endocrine disorders can cause hypovolemic shock. Can anyone explain to me the physiology behind that claim? Thanks.
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    amiodarone and other drugs

    I live in Utah and I am in my third week of Paramedic school. In utah, I've found out that Amiodarone is not on the state test and everyone in the state doesn't use it. Could anyone tell me if it is going to be on the National Registry test and whether or not you're using it in other states...