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    Ex-Student sues over EMT course

    An Edmonton man is suing the Canadian College of Emergency Medical Services for $88,000, alleging the emergency medical technician course he took was not up to snuff and he was unjustly failed after unsuccessfully completing the ambulance practicum...
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    So, we just returned from a rollover. Our first MVC in quite some time. Pt rolled her jeep which came to rest on the rollbars (since the hard top pretty much disintegrated). Pt was fine. No complaints or injuries other than a minor nosebleed which had stopped by the time we got there...
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    EMS/Medical Superstitions.

    So, many of us in EMS/Medical fields know the old standbys; Never say the "Q" word. Full moon efects on psych pts. Tones dropping just as your food gets to the table. What I'm looking for is a little different. Are there things you do to bring on a good call. Or possibly prevent the bad one...