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    Colorado ER's

    Any Medics work in the freestanding or ED's around the Denver area? How do you like it? How is the scope of practice?
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    911 VS CCT

    Hello, I have been a medic for a little over two years now. My goal is to end up in the HEMS world. My first year as a medic I worked rural and urban 911. However, recently I have moved more to the CCT side of things. If I continue to do mostly CCT for the next couple years will this hurt my...
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    Vanderbilt ED

    Anybody work as a medic in Nashville at Vanderbilt Medical Center? Im considering moving there and was wondering how it was working there.
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    California Paramedic

    Hopefully this is the correct place to post this. I am applying for a California Paramedic license. One of the steps is to fill out paperwork and send it off to the current states that you are licensed in. Ive sent my paper work off and never heard back from those two states. My question for...
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    San Deigo ED

    Anyone work as an ED medic or tech in any of the ER's in San Diego?
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    Reva air

    Anyone here work for Reva? If so how do like it? How’s pay what kind of experience are they looking for? Some of their flight Paramedic posting are kind of vague on experience. Considering applying for their Phoenix location but would like to get more information first.
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    HERO Haiti

    Anyone been down to Haiti to volunteer with HERO. I just submitted my application and am looking to hear what experiences people have had. Any information would be great.
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    How long does one need to wait to take FP-C? A few people I've talked to make it sound like you need to be a medic for decades to take and pass others say not that long. So how long is long enough?
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    Destin FL

    Anyone a medic down in Destin FL? Considering moving down ther after my lease is up in Denver. Any info would be great. Thanks.
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    AMR San Diego 911

    Anyone work for AMR 911 San Deigo as a medic? Looking on some information. Possibly thinking of moving there sometime in the next year. How are the shifts, pay ect.......?
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    Denver Health

    Can anyone tell me about Denver Health Paramedic division. I've listed some questions below. Anyone currently work for them? Whats the interview process like? How often do they hire?
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    Falck Colorado

    Anybody work for Falk in Aurora Co? Im supposed to interview with them soon. I can't seem to find much on what schedules they run or how the pay is. Any info would be a big help!
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    Moving to New Orleans

    Anybody here work for New Orleans EMS? If so what is the hiring process like?