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  1. Foxbat

    How to force myself to quit EMS

    I know I need to get out of EMS. Probably out of fire service also. The reason for it is, I know I am not good at any of these two. I have been doing both for years, and I know my co-workers/co-volunteers don't trust me (in a professional sense, not in a personal). I know I am not confident at...
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    If they had certificates in fantasy worlds

    The old, gray-haired wizard smiled and looked at the dragon fighter candidate. “Welcome to Stofferkrim, Mr. Dragonslayer. So you moved here from Roamfolk, if I recall correctly?” “Yes, sir. My family and I moved here, so I…” “Perfectly understandable. I looked at your resume, and it is very...
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    IV tubing art

    This must be an ex-USSR thing, at least I couldn't find anything like this when I googled it in English :) Anyway, here's what you can do with some old IV tubing and a lot of free time on your hands: I remember these from when I was in a hospital as a kid.
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    Unexpected EMT Visit Prompts Wilkinsburg Man To Fire Gun

    PITTSBURGH -- Authorities say an elderly man pointed a gun at an ambulance crew then fired a shot into the ceiling after the medics entered the wrong apartment while responding to a call in Wilkinsburg. The complete story Wilkinsburg isn't exactly the safest area so I could see how it would...
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    Oregon's Senate Bill 213 That's an interesting one. System that gives EMS option to refuse transportation is one thing, but a system that requires to refuse to transport certain patients is something new to me. Are there similar laws anywhere else?
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    Medical specialty selection chart

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    Firefighter loses job over nude photos

    Read more Not to condone what he did, but... seriously? There should be a line somewhere limiting the extent to which an employer can control employee's off duty behavior.
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    Whacker shirt slogans

    That pretty much summarizes 90% of all the whacker shirts and bumper stickers...
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    Good Samaritan shot for stopping to help

    Police: Westmoreland Co. Man Kills Woman Helping Wounded Wife ... From there, Swartz saw a bloodied Janet Piper run out of her house and flag down Stacey Feiling, who was driving by. As Janet Piper attempted to get into the car, her husband allegedly opened the driver's side door and shot...
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    No good deed goes unpunished He should've tried hands-only CPR. :)
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    Medical call turns into armed standoff

    Medics Check On McCandless Man, Weapon Stockpile Discovered What started out as a routine medical call quickly turned into a standoff with police. ... Full Text
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    British FF uses L&S, gets charged with manslaughter [B]
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    I was taking to a medic I work with about a certain call and we ended up discussing use of airways. Medic's opinion was that if the patient is bad enough to use NPA or OPA on him, you should also ventilate him with BVM, and that putting him on NRB would not make sense. I'm not sure about it...
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    I'm looking for opinions/impressions about this company. I might start looking for a part-time EMT job this summer; Transcare does some IFTs and some 911s in the vicinity of where I live and I was wondering what they are like. Thanks in advance.
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    ETOH and public education

    This question is primarily for those who work campus EMS but input from anyone is appreciated. How do you educate public about alcohol-related medical emergencies? Most importantly, how should a layperson differentiate between "OK, he had a little too much, let him sleep" and "we better call...
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    Heimlich maneuver is unscientific?

    Didn't see it discussed here yet. In fact, I didn't know someone claimed it to be a hoax until I found link to this in an EMS community on my livejournal's friend list (for those unfamiliar - it's like a facebook group... but better).
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    Everyone loves a fireman! Hehehe.
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    Hitler doesn't like "Trauma"

    ...looks like a sequel to "Hitler gets a late transport". Some strong language here and there :)
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    A story heard on the radio

    So I was driving to work this morning and turned my radio on in the middle of some program (so I might have missed something). What I did hear I did not like. They were telling a story about a woman who had an onset of stroke-like symptoms. She did not want to call 911 because she wanted to go...
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    Why you should wear SCBA

    This is exactly what happens if you're not wearing SCBA during overhaul :wacko: Old but funny.