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    Stayed v fib shocked several times. Hospital shocked 7 times and called it. He was still in v fib when they called it
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    We got called to an unconscious person, and en route dispatch notified us that the pt had no pulse and bystanders refuse to do cpr. We arrive on scene outside of a Womens barber shop where there were 30 women standing around looking at this 60 year old male lying on the ground. We start cpr and...
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    Assessing an Unresponsive Pt

    If it were me I would first check to ensure they are breathing, then check quality. I've ran on people who are unconscious and breathing but could tell they were barely breathing. That will tell you where to go from there, ex: NRB,BVM, or possibly Intubate. From there you can tell if this is a "...
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    Job Security!!

    We get called to a possible Heart Attack my last shift. We have one engine and an MICU responding, we get on scene with 7 medics here for this "pt". 30 yom sitting on layout sofa bed states " my heart is beating fast" pulse 80. Pt mother is next to us and is FREAKING OUT. Pt states " well I was...
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    Cardiac Arrest Save

    Your not giving out any personal info, we don't even know what service you work for. Why does it matter??
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    Dont be to quick to diagnose

    I agree with the fact that the medics most likely did the right thing since the hr had gone to normal before they assessed her but I know we have all seen it where someone labels it as ANXIETY without doing an assessment.
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    Dont be to quick to diagnose

    In the past the rate had already corrected itself by the time the assessment was done I guess cause they never found it
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    I work for Allegiance and the starting medic pay is about $18.25 and will give you all the hours you want. they have stations all over dfw. The main hub is in carrollton, I work out of South Dallas. But yes you will get all the overtime you want
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    Dont be to quick to diagnose

    I want to give yall something to think about..Since me and my wife were in high school (10 years ago) she would have moments of weakness followed by rapid breathing and would end in her passing out. Paramedics would come out and say " young, female teen must be anxiety" well 10 years later my...
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    Febrile seizure??

    Pt hr ranged from 170-210, I followed up with the er yesterday and they looked up the pt report and said the pt scans came back negative. Pt outcome was Febrile Seizure.. Thanks everyone for your imput
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    Febrile seizure??

    The last shift I worked we got dispatched to a 15 month baby having trouble breathing. When we got on scene we were met by the parents in the street ( FREAKING OUT), I got out of the ambulance and the parents hand me their baby who was actively seizing. I place the baby in the back and start...
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    Question for those with experience

    At the fire department I work at we usually hold c spine if its indicated, and put them on a backboard. Address obvious life threats and get them to the box. Dont be afraid to cut all clothes off... this comes from experience. I once had a trauma and I cut the front of the shirt but didnt check...
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    I Phone EMS Apps

    Try, MAYO CLINIC, It's pretty good at describing alot of the disease processes