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  1. nwhitney

    Teaching SQ Injections

    In your state who is authorized to teach EMT students how to administer a drug via SQ? Here in my state it was only nurses and only recently was it changed to allow paramedic instructors to teach SQ admin.
  2. nwhitney

    Route of Epi Admin

    Has anyone heard of administering an Epi-Pen straight into the pt's cheek? Anyone currently do this?
  3. nwhitney

    Paramedic School

    Feel free to move this post if needed. Anyways about an hour and a half ago I got a phone call saying I was accepted into the paramedic program at one of our local community colleges. Needless to say I'm very excited to start this chapter. Thanks for all the great info and I'm sure I'll be...
  4. nwhitney

    Quality of Students

    Wondering if any one has seen a decline in the quality of students coming through EMT class. I help to teach the skills portion of an EMT class and it seems as if the quality of students has gone down the last couple of classes. We've been losing a lot of students lately due to low test...
  5. nwhitney

    Inappropriate Pics Found on PT

    I had a situation the other day at work and I'm curious how others would have handled it. I'll tell you what happened and then later how I dealt with it. I work as an EMT for what is essentially the county drunk tank. In addition to the police bringing in intoxicated individuals we also drive...
  6. nwhitney

    EKG Rhythm

    Ideas as to what's going on with this patient? White male, 34, overall good health Strip attached.
  7. nwhitney

    EMS Patches For Trade

    I decided to start collecting EMS patches. If you have an EMS patch you'd like to trade for send me a PM. I currently have one Oregon EMT patch. I can get more to trade if needed. Cheers!
  8. nwhitney

    Last Minute Interview

    While I'm grateful to have an interview it makes me very nervous when it's scheduled so soon. Got off the phone with the county drunk tank manager at 13:45 and I'm going in at 17:15. I don't even have time to change into something more interview appropriate. Thankfully I keep a razor, shaving...
  9. nwhitney

    Cardiac Drugs Study

    Anyone else working for an agency that is apart of this study? What are your thoughts? Any ethical concerns regarding patients having to choose to not be apart of the study?
  10. nwhitney

    Pet Hair & Uniform

    I have 2 cats and a dog aside from shaving the pets what do you suggest to maintain a black uniform pet hair free? On a side note I'm fine getting rid of the cats but the wife says no especially since one of them is diabetic. Can't get rid of the dog she's awesome. Get rid of the wife? Hmmmm
  11. nwhitney

    What Law or Statute Do You Want Changed?

    Just curious. What state law or statute would you like to see changed where you live? I'll start with one for Oregon. Last night while working in a lab for Basic students I learned that in Oregon only a nurse can teach/sign off SQ injections. Seems kinda odd that not even the Medic...
  12. nwhitney

    High Tech Emergency Simulator

    Cause I'm a nerd and really excited for this... For the record I work for one of the educational agencies that is a part of this. Anyone have anything similar? If so what's your take?
  13. nwhitney

    Intervention System Training

    Anyone have to go through any training similar to this? Does your state have any such requirements? Thoughts on whether or not you think it would be beneficial?
  14. nwhitney

    New CPR Guidelines, AED's & State Testing

    Anyone dealing with the new CPR guidelines and training AED's that are programmed for ABC not CAB? The school I work for has state testing this weekend for Basics and all our AED's that will be used for testing are not programmed correctly. Of course in an ideal world the school would have...
  15. nwhitney

    Supine Straps & C-Collar

    I'm trying to come up with a good explanation for some Basic students as to why the shoulder straps should not be laying over the c-collar at all. Is it even an issue? I have an idea but would like others thoughts. It seems most of them are having a hard time keeping the straps off the collar.
  16. nwhitney

    Changing Protocols From Within

    So there sure seem to be some big egos around here regarding many topics and the desire to be taken seriously and respected by the medical community. I'll keep my opinions on who to myself, :). O2 admin, spinal injuries (boarding), how things work in the field compared to textbooks and...
  17. nwhitney

    Favorite or Best Moment

    I searched but didn't see this question. If I missed it sorry in advance. What's been your favorite or best moment in EMS?
  18. nwhitney

    Drawing Up Meds. & A Diabetic Cat

    I have a question about drawing up meds. But a little background is needed first. In class we drew up injections of sodium chloride and practice giving each other injections. The assistant that was working with my group had us set the plunger (lack of a better term) to 30cc (using that as an...
  19. nwhitney

    Croup & Cool Night Air

    How might cool night air reduce edema for a child with croup thus providing some relief?
  20. nwhitney

    Blood Pressure Every 2 Minutes

    I was talking to some students that are in Basic right now and one term behind me. They were taught to take blood pressure every 2 minutes for cardiac pt's. We didn't learn that at all just every 5 min. for unstable & every 15 min for stable. They just went through the new AHA CPR course and I...