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  1. EMS123

    Rate of fire for purkenjie fibers....

    What is the rate of fire for the purkenjie fibers?
  2. EMS123

    EMT-B Research Paper

    So here is the facts, before end of class I have to write a 10-12page research paper with no restrictions besides it has to be somehow related to EMS. Any Suggestions? (Topic needs to have a good amount of information available to develop the topic) Some ideas but not to basic related...
  3. EMS123

    EMS Mnemonics (memory device)

    SAMPLE Signs/ Symptoms Allergies Medications Pertinent Medical History Last intake Events leading up to ….. SOAP Subjective Objective Assessment Plan DCAP-BTLS Deformities Contusions Abrasions Punctures Burns Tenderness Lacerations Swelling OPQRST Onset Provoke...
  4. EMS123

    OSHA - Blood Bourne Pathogens

    Does anyone know how/where to access "OSHA - Blood Bourne Pathogens" FREE training onlune that will make a certificate for proof of training?
  5. EMS123

    Dealing with language barriers

    Attached "EMS Visual Language Guide" but it is not printable. Has anyone seen anything like document attched that is easier to replicate? Thanks