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    Trauma Death?

    For traumatic cardiac arrest, our protocol says something like this: .. Pronounce death without medical control if no signs of life and asystole .. consult physician for pronouncement of blunt trauma after 15 minutes of unsuccessful working with initial rythym other than asystole .. for...
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    Hospital Medicine

    Not even a phone call? :0
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    Hospital Medicine

    Hello all, I've been offline for a while but now working 911/IFT on top of what I was doing before. I'm trying to wrap my head around the course our patients take once they reach a medical facility. 1. There are some public/charity hospitals that serve needs of the uninsured/underinsured...
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    From what I understand, EMTALA guarantees that a patient with an emergency medical condition will be evaluated and treated regardless of insurance and ability to pay. The way that this happens is as a condition of participating in Medicare. Does anyone know of any ERs that don't accept...
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    Trauma transport decisions

    I did PHTLS over the weekend. It was good for me to see some trauma scenarios and transport decisions since I don't usually do that, but I will be in the future. I struggled a little bit with the thought process of deciding which hospital to go to in some of the scenarios. Can anyone give...
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    Destination for trauma patients?

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    Destination for trauma patients?

    I really shouldn't have included the preamble about changing positions and all that because it only is relevant to why I was reading a PHTLS book, not to my actual question. But in essence I live in area A and work in area B as an event EMT. So lots of public service and "first on scene" for...
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    Destination for trauma patients?

    Sorry all. My original post seems to be a bit unclear or misleading. The situation I gave was from the perspective of me as a patient. Namely, the system that would save me if I were in a crash, not the system I currently or would work for. It was a spot of curiosity given the strange place I...
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    Destination for trauma patients?

    In a couple months I'll be moving from my current role as a volunteer event medic to a volunteer on a "real" 911 ambulance. One of the biggest things I'm nervous about is trauma -- most people seem to think medical is harder, and perhaps it is at the ALS level, but for me at the BLS level, I...
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    Is Smoking Part of Medical History?

    My experience with 911/ALS providers around here is that at some point during the assessment they will inevitably ask about drug/social history. It makes sense in many circumstances--doesn't cocaine use increase the risk of MI, and can lead one to suspect it in younger patients? (Also, I'm...
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    AMR's Emergency Response Team

    Might I ask, what is the ERT? How does it work? I know AMR has a FEMA contract but I didn't know specifics about it. I thought it just meant that they would coordinate mutual aid and stuff... what's all this stuff about bags, airplane, 72 hours, etc?
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    I work events for American Red Cross. . It is nominally a national organization, but most Red...

    I work events for American Red Cross. . It is nominally a national organization, but most Red Cross chapters either do not have medical programs, or have bandaid patrol type teams. . Our group supports small events for sure, but also big events working closely with Fire and County EMS. We've...
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    I was slightly alarmed to notice that they called the doctor to ask for permission to shock V-Fib in the pilot episode. Especially because in a later episode it becomes clear that Johnny & Roy know a lot about medicine and when communications fail they just do the same stuff anyway...!?!?!?
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    Advice for BLS at Football game

    Having to buy your own supplies raises a red flag for me. I work a lot of event medicine. Do they supply oxygen? AEDs? Backboards?
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    I guess I was a bit more curious as to what happened to cause this.
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    (Of course, not sure how that went)
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    They probably did a 12 lead too secondary to the basic 3 lead monitoring available at the event.
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    It's about 80 degrees out, and you're working a festival. You have some heat-related patients, but it's unusually cool, so you've been pretty quiet on that front. Called out to the scene for a 40 y.o. M "not feeling well," c/o N/V and dizziness, throwing up in the trash can. Skin is flush and...
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    Chest pain with head trauma

    How's his mental status doing 5, 10, 15 minutes after initial contact?
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    Chest pain before a race

    For me the flag was that she didn't want to do the race. That is something I rarely see working a lot of althetlic The 12 lead seems to be the big thing. At a couple of events, we dual staff with county paramedic bike teams, who have full ALS equipment except only a 3 lead monitor, no big...