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    Ibuprofen vs APAP

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    Reliable Street Names for narcotics

    If you have some free time, it's fun to poke around on erowid: It's more or less a website "by drug users, for drug users", and they try to provide information and science so people can be as safe as possible when using. It's probably...
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    What is the purpose of a shock from AED?

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    NREMT tourniquet q

    You can find more info about the psychomotor test here: Recommend basically just memorizing the skill sheets and jumping through the hoops on test day. Make sure you're familiar with all the critical fails and avoid them. It looks...
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    Why do you rotate one nasal airway but not the other?

    The camera gives you more control and the ability to see where you're going, so you can avoid the turbinates - so the answer is no. By contrast, with an NPA we are just shoving a soft piece of plastic in there and hoping it makes it to the other side without getting caught up on things.
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    Why do you rotate one nasal airway but not the other?

    It doesn't have to face the septum, I had never heard of this before your post... I always just lubed it up and shoved it in there... But I think I can see the wisdom of it now. Check out this really cool video that shows what the inside of the nasopharynx looks like. This video is of the...
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    Why do you rotate one nasal airway but not the other?

    I think I get it after watching this video 5 times. Do you find doing it this way makes it easier?
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    DUI Driver hits 9 people in Fullerton CA, how does a bystander respond?

    Wow. I wonder if it's some deeply ingrained evolution thing? Maybe standing around uselessly while shrieking at the top of your lungs was helpful when your tribe got attacked by lions or something?
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    Would benadryl help anaphylaxis any?

    Really this is a conversation that should be had with your grandson's physician / his parents. If he is at risk of having an anaphylactic reaction from a bee sting, he probably should have an EpiPen with him if he's going into the woods (or an adult should be carrying one). If the airway is...
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    No ETI.

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    Recert by exam submission

    Did you figure out the email address?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    It tells me I don't have permission to view.
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    Forum Upgrade!

    Where the chatroom go? I'm so lonely.
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    Question to the experienced

    I forget if you're in the UK or Canada or something where the entry level to EMS is like a bachelor degree. OP is "a freshly minted EMT" which in the USA means he recently finshed a 120-hour high school level course, and was thrown out into the wild with no experience and no ability to perform...
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    Drug dose calculations

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    Looking to get fit. Tips please

    Start lifting ASAP. Forget cardio - You need to be able to lift 100 pounds minimum to do this job IMO... Preferably be able to lift a lot more than that if you want to not injure yourself while moving patients around. If you want to be a cop, start training wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...
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    Any recommended stethoscopes?