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    Bodycam Footage of Utah "Miracle Baby" Rescue

    I didn't see this posted so thought I would share.
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    Does Sodium/Dextrose Have a Drug Classification?

    Does Sodium/Dextrose Have a Drug Classification?
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    Rosetta Stone

    Has anyone used this program? Pros? Cons? Worth the money?
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    CARE Ambulance NAPA County proposal,d.cGE
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    Skills Verification - California

    Can any paramedic validate and sign a skills verification form so long as they are currently licensed? Specifically for re-certification...
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    Why do veins appear to be

    blue? Without looking it up. I am curious as to why you think this is?
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    How is this for scene safety?
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    Riverside firefighter Chris Doubles LODD

    Another brother lost today...
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    Escape Fire

    Has anyone watched this?
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    Pt faking seizure

    How do you document this? Do you put that the patient was faking the seizure or since there is no definitive way for us to know do you treat it as a real seizure. Or do you put it appeared the patient was faking?
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    Growing Body of Evidence Links Pre-hospital Use of BVMs to Negative Patient Outcomes
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    Any reason C-Spine would be contraindicated?

    Patient involved in MVA, multiple head, facial and leg injuries/fractures. GCS 3, Inadequate ventilations. Anyway this may be a dumb question but in a scenario such as this or something similar is there ever a good reason not to c-spine?
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    The media and Hipaa

    How does the media get around HIPAA laws when covering a story. I have read articles that include patients full name and condition as well as details about the cause of condition. Also, would discussing the information reported by the media constitute as a violation on the part of a healthcare...
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    Ever been threatened by a patient?

    Curious as to how you guys handle threats. I don't mean immediate threats but "watch your back" or "I'm going to find you" type threats. Do you take them seriously? Ignore them? Report them? Document? Etc...
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    would you c-spine?

    Mid 70s. Mechanical slip and fall. Pain 10/10 to low back/butt. No neck pain. Ambulatory prior to calling but after 1 hour and a vicodin patient is now unable to walk due to pain. Good PMS. Patient sitting on couch. Vitals WNL and alert and oriented. Anything else just ask.
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    how would you handle this?

    Your on scene of a medical call in a public place and someone walks up to you and says they have a rash from eating peanuts and wants to know if they should go to the hospital? Patient took benadryl earlier, rash is across the chest and no difficulty breathing. Do you advise them to go, call 911...
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    H2O administration

    Your are at the ER with your patient, you step outside and someone outside the ER asks you if you know where they can get some water. You have an extra bottle on you that you do not need. Do you give it to them?
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    Uncooperative Patients

    I had a patient the other day who called 911 for arm pain and because he wanted his medications refilled. Patient was alert and oriented, ABCs and Vitals WNL. He was sent BLS to a hospital with a long wall time. As we are holding the wall the patient quickly becomes bored with sitting on the...
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    NY Med on ABC

    Anyone watch the television show? What are your thoughts?
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    Red Light Cameras

    Anyone ever gotten a ticket from a red light camera while running code? I have tried searching to find out what becomes of the ticket and I have come across stories of the ambulance driver being held responsible for the ticket which is absurd to me but on the other hand if this were the norm I...