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    Switching to Police

    What got you interested? If it is the money I don't think the pay difference is going to change the way you live so don't let that be the base of your decision.
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    Bodycam Footage of Utah "Miracle Baby" Rescue

    I didn't see this posted so thought I would share.
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    A different view of EMS " (Another) reason why EMS isn’t taken seriously"

    To the point of the article and what I have found all too often is medical professionals bringing their personal opinions and bias into their professional advice. People who are vegetarians, "gluten free," supplement users, and the list goes on. Their opinions rarely change after going through...
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    How do SO Cal EMT-B's afford to live down there.

    Another thing to keep in mind is most (not all) of the EMTs down here do not make a career out of EMS unless they get picked up on a fire department. It is largely a stepping stone for many and because of that and the fact that EMTs are essentially a dime a dozen here they get away with paying...
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    Does Sodium/Dextrose Have a Drug Classification?

    Sodium Chloride. I thought electrolyte or uncategorized/miscellaneous. And Dextrose being a class of its own is what I thought. Thanks guys!
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    Does Sodium/Dextrose Have a Drug Classification?

    Does Sodium/Dextrose Have a Drug Classification?
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    Hollywood Community Hospital (Delongpre and Van Nuys)

    lol. This post about sums it up. I am not sure what qualifies as being called a hospital, but it must be a pretty subjective definition.
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    Continue CPR or not?

    Legality and protocols aside (as I can't comment on them) I would not have continued. You did the right thing. Think you would have more to worry about if you continued against the daughter's wishes.
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    34 y/o female with chest pain

    Great post Beano. When you get a little more time I would love to see more posts like this one.
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    34 y/o female with chest pain

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    "Statistically speaking, it doesn't apply to me"...

    Everything I do in life has an element of risk to it. I know riding in an ambulance puts my life at risk, especially in the back, but it is a risk I choose to take. Life = Risk and I am not here to merely exist. I choose to let common sense prevail, all the while fully aware that I am not in...
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    Falck shuts Lifestar NJ bases in Totowa and Edison

    Lol does someone here have an agenda?
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    Christian Scientist scenario

    Pretty much agree with everything TheLocalMedic has said. EMS is filled with ethical and legal questions like this. They used to drive me nuts, darned if you do, and darned if you don't. At the end of the day I am going to do what I believe to be right in my heart. No different than if I was...
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    C-spine injury or cause of brain cancer?

    I sit down to use the toilet for more than 5 minutes and I cannot walk right after. I think your question has been thoroughly answered but I will add one more "No" for good measure.
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    Good ways to kill patients

    I know this is off topic but +1 for never seeing shoulder harnesses in my life. Sure as heck would make the backboard sliding all over the place much easier to deal with.
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    The big question is...MD/DO, PA or NP?

    I would suggest shadowing PAs in a surgical environment, especially ortho. From my experience most of them are not happy with where they are at and are having similar feelings to what your experiencing now.
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    I HATE my partner

    Have you tried having mature conversation with him and telling him the issues you are having?
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    SOB suddenly crashes after being taken to ER

    I am enjoying this thread. Jim37F any chance you can get any info out of the receiving facility next time you are there?
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    Taxpayers paying to defend EMT accused of hitting on patient

    Shakes head... Moves onto other threads.
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    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Are the two unresponsive zombies include in the three that are walking a round or are they in addition to?