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    Should we use Narcan on all CPR calls?

    I went on a call last week, 37 y/o male appeared healthy, CPR in progress died at the Hospital.. in hindsight I realize how it is strange for him to be in this situation at such a young age and could have been due to an overdose or bad mix of meds.. Should we give every CPR/non-breathing pt...
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    No more sternal rubs??

    Apparently according to my crew chief/assistant Cheif we are no longer allowed to perform sternal rubs as a painful stimuli. He tried to explain to me why we cannot but it still didn't make sense. I'm not sure if this is something from our medical director or a new state protocol, but...
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    Adding suffix to your name

    does anyone add EMT to their name when signing? For example: Robert H. Alfano, EMT-B If so when do you write it? To me it just doesn't seem to be significant enough of a certification to add but some people at my squad write it...
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    Giving a patient your number

    is it just immoral and unprofessional to give your number out to a patient or is it actually illegal? I'm in NJ if there are different laws state to state.
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    EMT ride along

    I'm a certified New Jersey EMT-B and am doing a ride along with a local squad. I wish to join the squad but cannot until their meeting next month. So they welcomed me to join them for the day. My question is what should I expect to do? Will I be doing anything or just watching them do all the...
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    Stethoscope, more of a symbol than a tool

    I feel like the stethoscope has become more of a symbol than an actual tool. It has limited uses, you can listen to someone's breathing, oscillate their bp, and a couple of other things but I mean I don't know that it is so important that everyone has to be wearing one all the time, and that we...
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    Stress of being a student

    I still have to take my state test so I guess I'm still a student since I'm not certified, but when I see like a car accident or something I want to stop and help. I feel like I wouldn't be taken seriously though because I'm not certified and I wouldn't be wanted there by other EMS. And despite...
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    Personal Jump Bag

    Does anyone else carry their own kind of jump bag in their car or is it just me? It's not a lot just like a pair of sheers, a bp cuff, stethoscope, gloves, etc. You know just the basics so that it's all together if I want to stop on the side of the road to help someone or if one of my family...