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    Lifepak CR Plus needs service

    Hi, I have a Lifepak CR Plus AED which is indicating that it needs service, after replacing the charge-pak. I believe all of the indicators on the panel were visible before the charge-pak was replaced, which I believed may be due to the battery being completely dead. After installing the new...
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    Failed Medtronic CR Plus AED

    I was asked to get new batteries and pads for a Medtronic Lifepak CR Plus AED, owned by the local boy scout office. Doing some research, I found that the units have an internal and unaccessable battery, and replaceable charge-paks that are used to charge the internal battery. I bought new pads...
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    What does an employer need to do to provide First Aid and O2 to employees

    I have a friend who works for a fairly small subsidiary of a very large company. He says that his employer has one person working for them that used to be an EMT who has a jump kit and maybe O2 in his desk, and now the employer wants my friend to also be prepared with a jump kit and O2 for...