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  1. Mufasa556

    The FEMA graveyard?

    When AMR took over our operation we heard many stories of the FEMA ambulance graveyard and how our rigs were destined for it. Much like when all the bombers came back from WWII, I imagine a giant lot filled with ambulances of different livery just rotting in the sun. Does this place actually...
  2. Mufasa556

    Super expired NREMT renewal

    I let my NREMT-B lapse 8yrs ago. Have been working in SoCal EMS the whole time on my state card, but now, since CO doesn't have reciprocity, I need to get my NR back to move. I've read through the NREMT site and just don't get it. I need to take a refresher course, skills, plus a boatload of...
  3. Mufasa556

    What's going on in SB County?

    A buddy and I were talking about AMR SB the other night and he mentioned that the Fire Union has been going after AMR on social media. They've been posting radio traffic of calls and accusing AMR contributing to public safety issues due to low staffing. It started on the Jan 1st with this post...
  4. Mufasa556

    Mystery transports cost Medicare $30m

    Woohoo! Los Angeles representing!
  5. Mufasa556

    San Bernardino Coroner Investigator

    For those of you that meet the requirements. Seems like an interesting gig and pays pretty well.
  6. Mufasa556

    SoCal companies to pay $11.5 million to settle federal kickback suits The list of companies involved doesn't surprise me, but Care Ambulance. That surprised me.
  7. Mufasa556

    RM loses IFT permit Poor RM, can't seem to do anything right.
  8. Mufasa556

    Lower back exercises

    I've been a basic for seven years now and it's starting to take its toll on my lower back. A while back I transferred to a slower station to protect my back, but spending all day in our horrific company provided chairs may be doing more damage than running calls. Anyone have any decent core and...
  9. Mufasa556

    EMS crew caught sleeping in ambulance First the idiots with camera's came for the police. Now they come for us. All joking aside, the article didn't really tell me anything...
  10. Mufasa556

    San Bernardino County Companies?

    Anyone know of any companies other than AMR out in San Bernardino? I'm looking for anything between Rancho and San Bernardino City.
  11. Mufasa556

    CCT in Colorado?

    Can anyone provide me with a list of ambulance companies that do critical care transports in and around the Denver area? Is it mostly AMR run out in Colorado?