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  1. pcbguy

    Need a paramedic for Afghanistan

    Hello all! We have a need for a Paramedic with a DoD clearance(can be a simple NACI) to do a short term assignment (2-3 weeks) in Afghanistan. Either Kandahar, Bagram or both. There is the possibility for this to turn into a more long term position if you like. We need to send someone over in...
  2. pcbguy

    Opportunity for non-US Paramedic or Nurse

    Hello! We have an opening for a NATO country paramedic or nurse. The position is located about 20 mins north of Prishtina, Kosovo and is for a Role 1 Clinic. Easy days and good living. Kosovo is a nice break from Iraq and Afghanistan for whoever might be interested. PM me for details or if...
  3. pcbguy

    Tarascon Internal Medicine and Critical Care Pocketbook

    Does anyone have the 5th edition of this book? I found it on Amazon but it is several hundred dollars, which seems ridiculous. Even Tarascon's website doesn't list this anymore. Anyone have a clue where to get it reasonable? Or why it isn't being produced anymore? Thanks!
  4. pcbguy

    FN medic needed in Kabul

    Hello, Not sure how many non-US we have on here but we are looking for 1 possibly 2 to work in a clinic here in Kabul. PM me for details if you are interested or know anyone who might be.
  5. pcbguy

    US to Canada. Has anyone done it?

    I'm looking at getting my license in Alberta and the process is pretty involved. I know it's going to take a while but if anyone else here has done it can you tell me, did you use the IQAS to evaluate your education or did you use another evaluation service? Their processing time is 4 months...
  6. pcbguy

    TP-C Exam

    Anyone here taken the TP-C?
  7. pcbguy

    FP-C exam question

    Hello all, I am getting ready to take the FP-C in the next couple of weeks and had a question for those of you that have taken the computer based test. Does the computer allow you to go back to previous questions after you have answered them to review or change? Or does it move forward...
  8. pcbguy

    Podcast - Pharmacology for the Prehospital Professional

    Hello all I recently found a podcast by Dr Jeffrey Guy on iTunes called "Pharmacology for the Prehospital Professional" I cannot download it and it looks like the site it was hosted on doesn't have it anymore. It is still listed on iTunes though. Has anyone else listened to these? Any...
  9. pcbguy

    Paramedic to LPN license

    I have been looking all over and am wondering if anyone can tell me the states that will allow a Paramedic to test for LPN. If there are any. I've heard rumors about NY and PA. NY is a no. Any help appreciated.
  10. pcbguy

    Thinking of Nashville

    I have been an EMTB for about 3 years now and work for the only service in our area. I passed my Medic test here in FL last week. Now I am wondering what to do. My girlfriend is looking at Vanderbilt to continue going to school. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the area? Will I be...