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    Tncc prep

    I guess this if for my flight medics, cctps and rns. Looking for the best reading to prepare for my TNCC. I’ll also be taking a 2 day course through my current job. But looking to get s head start. Thanks.
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    Costa Mesa FD AO program

    When did they go live with their program? I just saw a crew in their fancy badgeless new cadet light blues and CMFD “ambulance” rockers. Does that mean they are no longer a CARE eoa?
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    FS: 5.11 EMS mens pants; black

    giving this a shot. only worn once. bought the wrong size. size is 32x30 $30
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    Would you rather...

    (because I excel in procrastinating to studying for midterms that's in 7 hrs.) this is all hypothetical. daydreaming my next 2-5 years after school *full time RN will include end goal of pursuing flight *I 100% do not wanna give up field work. volunteer or paid. I will not let it go -Full time...
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    mccormick amb. current openings?

    so....Pala... the indian reservation? am i seeing this correctly?
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    Lifeline Medical Transport (Ventura Co.) i was cruising Craigslist bored in class and saw this. I'm not in the market for a job but I just wanted to create discussion on the subject; how are they and who they are. Ive always been curious about them and there's next to little...
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    Als increases mortality. Bls cheaper and better outcomes??? I feel like theres holes in this argument past how its being presented.
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    Sierra madre medic

    hey all, was curious if anyone knew the process with sierra madre. If its any different becasue its a volunteer dept. i applied for the medic position not ff position if it makes a different. I have an interview coming up. Thanks
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    Desert Ambulance

    I've searched and haven't seen anything substantial on the subject. any 411? All i know is they are a low key operation i think all they have is a fb page and get hired by word of mouth? its the same distance to me as morongo basin which i'm also considering for future employment. any input...
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    gerber ambulance closes shop? i was hoping anyone could shed light on the matter? i thought falck just bought them out so it seems unexpected that they'd cease operations.
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    San Bernardino Air Medic Did a quick search on here turned up nothing. Anybody have more information on this? Requirements? Competitive volunteer position? There's very little info and I just sent off an email to them so if need be I'll update...
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    I'm looking for a PT medic job... stumbled upon this. I don't know what to think. Actually first thought was its 4am I should probably go to bed nothing good happens on the internet at 4am. Then I thought well money is money and I have a great 911 FT job anyways...
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    military noob with questions considering 68w reserve

    hey all i wanted to post here to get all the variables figured out by enlisting or reserving. (pro and cons, things to consider, stuff i haven't thought of) I'm 27 asian/american lived my whole life in socal. found ems my passion relatively late by my timeframe. some college no degree. i'm...
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    Hospital based EMS.

    I just read a reddit AMA from a medic working for a hospital. I know little about hospital based EMS only that they run calls in a certain entrapment area. Even then I don't know of that's accurate information I was given. I was curious how I could find who does hospital based EMS throughout the...
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    Medic West Las Vegas

    hey i searched and saw most of the vegas stuff is dated. I recently just got an email inviting me to test with medic west for a medic spot. i was wondering what can i expect? also if any medic west employees don't mind sharing or PM me what life is like as a medic west employee. i do have a...
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    CA: affected by obamacare?

    Any SoCal ambulance co. employees affected by the upcoming obamacare? My company just released a memo with our last payday that they are terminating our health benefits dec 31, 2013 and all the employees have to go obamacare. I thought legally a company with more than 50 employee needs to...
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    Military reserve questions.

    Hey all, I have some question regarding reserving. Primarily Coast Guard but I'm open to other branches. I've always wanted to serve in the military. At 18 I was almost a corpsman but didn't follow through with it after family threw a fit. 20/20 hindsight I should've gone. I'm looking to...
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    Schaefer vs. Liberty Ambulance, Los Angeles

    hey everyone, i just found out about this site and not a moment to soon. i'm in a pickle. i'm a new medic, no experience, end goal PA. i was just offered 2 jobs as a medic, one with Liberty and one with Schaefer. I got the Schaefer call as i was getting my drug screen for liberty. I don't know...
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    CA: ICEMA medics...

    hey everybody, to all my ICEMA medics do any of you have a study guide to the accreditation test? i just missed it by one point. i have to retake in 2 weeks and i was hoping for more direction in what to look over. thanks
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    Not just another Doctor's Ambulance thread..

    hey everyone i just got an orientation date with Doctors. but i don't know if i should take it. i have a question for Doctor's employees with their P-cards already. has anyone ever used their "internal" transfer to apply to a medic postion at another division? is there a benefit to being with...