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  1. jordanfstop

    EMS E-Field Guides

    Anybody know of any field guides for the iPod touch/iPhone?
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    Funny poster my friend made

    Hopefully you guys will understand. The image is what I took of my friend/LT(standing) as we were going around a corner in a rig (that had less than 3,000 miles which had already gone to repair about five times before) and it decided to just cut all power and die on us. (PL Custom is a...
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    electronic horn

    anybody know where to purchase just the electronic horn?
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    agency websites

    I'm building up a website for a local ambulance corps and I was trying to get some ideas for general layouts and whatnot. If your corps has a decent website, please reply with it. And hey, it'd also be nice to see where eachother works! I'm at
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    At least one seriously hurt in crash between ambulance, car in Ramapo

    (This happened in Rockland County, NY..It's southernmost county in NY west of the hudson.. It's on the NJ border and about thirty minutes from NYC.)
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    Sudden Cardiac Death No. 1 Risk for Patients on Dialysis

    Read the rest here:
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    Rumbler Sirens

    Anybody here have them? gmV9tF4bzKc
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    My first accident...hopefully my last.

    this is why when an ambulance is behind you, you pull to the right of the road, and not to the left...into the ambulance. thank GOD a police car saw the entire thing and ticketed the other guy for 'failure to yield.' only 30mph (speed limit) can do this to your rig.. (we were both going...
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    Caught on Camera Breaking the Law
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    Liability of an EMT acting strictly as a driver.

    In my town there is an ambulance service you may all be aware of (Hatzolah [a VAS ran by Orthodox Jews.]) On Shabbos (the Sabbath) they pay non-Jewish drivers to drive their ambulances (I don't want to get into a debate of why they can drive their cars to the scene, but not the ambulance.)...
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Said by one of the medics regarding a patient who frequently calls us asking for albuterol treatment and then refuses transport. "The quicker you sign this piece of paper, the quicker I can get back to sleep."
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    "I wanna be a DNR" song

    OVx2mjjBvis Pretty funny song.
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    Confessions of an EMT dropout

    About two or three months ago a reporter and a photographer for a local magazine (Rockland Magazine) to do a ride-along with our corps (she was told to go to us because we're the county's busiest.) So she decided to ride along on a Friday night 12-hour shift, aka "the motherload." She also was...
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    Donations needed- NYC.Medics

    NYC Medics serves the emergency medical needs of people affected by disasters, particularly those isolated by injury, illness, or geography. NYC Medics are professionals who volunteer following disasters. Our medical teams operate self-sufficiently in remote, underserved areas. We endeavor...
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    Those silly firefighters Read the rest:
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    Waterproof Vests

    Do you guys know of any good cheap vests with a decent amount of pockets good for EMS and that can take embroidery fairly well? Nothing like the tactical/SAR vests. Doesn't have to be EMS related, just something to carry a few items and to prevent skelly shoes from rubbing against my white shirt...
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    An open letter to the Author of "What does an EMT do?"

    This is kind of old, but I came across it lately and I haven't seen it on here.. I'm sure you lot would get a kick out of it. See the rest here:
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    funny story

    one of my coworkers let me listen to this voicemail that somebody had forwarded him. this week somebody calls up a police dept here saying that he saw one of the paramedic trucks parked outside of an ice cream store. he yells at the dispatcher saying "i saw these two paramedics in truck ###...
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    If one's state doesn't require NREMT, one is not planning on moving, or working across state lines..why should one become NREMT-B? RidRyder911?
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    Vol. Voice- Looking the part:Why our appearance matters when we’re responding to call

    Volunteer Voice: Looking the Part Why our appearance matters when we’re responding to call Jason J. Zigmont, BS, NREMT-P, EMS-I April 2008 JEMS Vol. 33 No. 4 2008 Apr 1