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  1. MMiz

    the 100% directionless thread

    I upgraded the software. Try refreshing the page. Do you see it?
  2. MMiz

    CPR Instructor?

    Have you worked as an instructor recently? Course costs went up and class sizes decreased. It's not the same as when I first became an instructor in 2005 or so. If you have a network of potential clients, a free facility where you can teach classes, and can fill seats, you might be okay.
  3. MMiz

    CPR Instructor?

    I became an AHA instructor in July. I don't see how it makes financial sense unless you buy out an established business with a large customer base.
  4. MMiz

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for spending 2019 with us, we had a great year! We hope everyone has a safe and rewarding 2020!
  5. MMiz

    National Ambulance UAE

    @SandpitMedic Premium members have the option to change their usernames and edit posts up to a week ago.
  6. MMiz

    Name Change

    I’m in.
  7. MMiz

    To the admins/owners

    When you create a new thread there is an option to add a poll at the bottom of the screen.
  8. MMiz

    To the admins/owners

    @Chimpie is the forum guru, but I like Xenforo. We started with Invision Power Board, moved to vBulletin, and then to Xenforo when it was clear vBulletin was a stagnant product.
  9. MMiz

    EMTLife is Back (with some data loss)!

    After 18 hours of downtime due to a server crash, EMTLIFE is back up with backups from Friday evening. The site was restored from backups. A number of posts and threads posted after the last backup was made have been lost. I appreciate your patience. Please let me know if anything appears...
  10. MMiz

    Is it okay to go to an interview if you're not sure you want the job or not?

    I've interviewed for positions and declined the job offer. An interview is a great opportunity to learn about the company. On a personal level, I suck at interviews, and I find the more I do the better I perform. Sometimes I interview for the sake of interviewing. After leaving interviews...
  11. MMiz

    EMSTODAY 2020 - Tampa, Florida

    Are you going? I'm off that week. Might need to make the gathering a reality.
  12. MMiz

    Post to Support Former EMS Provider

    Thanks for asking. You may post a link if the money is going towards a non-profit to assist the EMT.
  13. MMiz

    It hit home

    I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  14. MMiz

    Adulting advice needed.

    Congrats! Now that you're adulting it's time to budget. I've always found a job first and then moved nearby. Find an apartment you can afford, Uhaul your worldly possessions into the place, and then be patient. It's tempting to go out and buy new stuff. Instead I would make sure I had the...
  15. MMiz

    North Carolina

    EMS in North Carolina is at the county level. Cumberland County / Cape Fear Valley EMS is in Cumberland County. If you're willing to drive, Wake County EMS, Cary EMS, and Eastern Wake EMS seem like better options. I spent some time commuting to a job in Cumberland County and I don't have much...
  16. MMiz

    AMR Background Check

    Lots of good ideas being discussed, but I'm not even sure how to move posts to new threads to make this more on-topic. I'm going to close this thread for now. You're welcome to create new threads in the appropriate forums.
  17. MMiz

    Laptop For EMT training?

    To answer your initial question, I don't think you need a laptop with you in class. I would absolutely have a computer at home. During my undergrad and my EMT school laptops weren't prevalent like they are today. I took my notes on lined paper and in most classes re-typed them when I got...
  18. MMiz

    Lights and Sirens

    Siren definitely off, lights likely off.
  19. MMiz

    On-Line Training

    I don't have specific information on the program you mention, but I say go for it. You previously were an EMT, you should have no problem doing a predominantly online course. I think @DrParasite is right about many online programs, but I don't see it being an issue here. As someone who is...