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    HAZMAT and CEUs

    So I was fortunate to have been asked to serve on my employer’s HAZMAT team, and finished the 24 hour initial training. Some of my brothers from the Fire Department were in the same class, and one mentioned that I should be able to count some toward my CEUs. This got me thinking, so I went...
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    Recert “under review”

    I completed my NREMT recertification by education (NCCP 2016) Tuesday of this week. Just out of morbid curiosity, how long am I gonna have to wait before I find out I’m officially recertified? My TO has already approved all of my CEUs, so that’s no issue, and paid via prepaid voucher, so that...
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    What now?

    So, I am preparing to submit my first recertification/re-licensing, and am looking for ways to expand my experience/education. The department I volunteer with is a Regional HazMat department, and I’m told Hazmat certs don’t help me much in the way of education, but my employer (day job) has a...
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    Advice please

    So, I am a Basic who worked for two agencies in the past, but one that I worked for is having issues related to response times. As a result, that agency has gone through two directors while I worked there, latest only being an EMR, which goes all over me, but I digress. The director sent me a...