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  1. Kevinf

    Any news on an ESO EHR app coming to Apple devices?

    I've heard rumblings about ESO porting their ESOsuite into IOS app form for use on iPads. Has anyone here heard anything concrete?
  2. Kevinf

    Looking to buy Reeves stretchers

    If anyone has or knows of a company with some Reeves stretchers for sale let me know. New or used as long as they are in serviceable condition is fine.
  3. Kevinf

    FEMA National Ambulance Contract

    Is anyone's agency part of this program? My companies president said he was interested in becoming a FEMA contractor and asked me to look into it. You guys are the best resource I know to get information about this sort of thing :cool: This is in Pennsylvania, if you have any insight or need...
  4. Kevinf

    Mystery power port

    I saw these ports in the box of an older ambulance. I'm wondering what they are intended to connect to? They'd be where you'd expect to find standard 12v automotive ports (cigarette lighter outlets) in the box.
  5. Kevinf

    ESO EHR + Philips MRx monitor ?'s

    Anyone here use ESOsolutions EHR and are you able to import Philips MRx monitor data into your ESO charts? Cursory inspection seems to show they only support Zoll Cloud import. Frustrating. I'm waiting on a response from ESO support but I'm glad to hear from anyone here as well. Secondly, for...
  6. Kevinf

    Autopilot to the rescue

    So there was recently a story posted about a man that began suffering from a pulmonary embolism whilst driving on the freeway in Springfield, MO. Instead of pulling over and calling 911, he rerouted his Tesla Model X to a hospital 20 miles away using the "Auto-Pilot" feature (basically cruise...
  7. Kevinf

    Looking for input on inventory management

    I'm currently trying to get my organization off of paper inventory, supply ordering, rig checks, and fleet maintenance. I've been poking about and so far the most appealing software/hardware/service I've found is Operative IQ. I'd like to hear from anyone that has experience with this particular...
  8. Kevinf

    Any billing specialists here?

    We had a user or two awhile back that stated they were very familiar with the billing/insurance/CMS side of EMS, I was wondering if anyone with that pedigree was still hanging around here? Anyone that actually submits charts to insurance for reimbursement?
  9. Kevinf

    Palm gauge or loose gauge BP cuffs?

    For those of you using manual cuffs, does your service (or you) use the single tube palm gauge or double tube loose gauge cuffs? I've recently tried the palm gauge and it is 100% easier to work with especially with the trigger release instead of that little dial knob.
  10. Kevinf

    Lowest BP with patient asymptomatic?

    Just a quick question to anyone reading... what is the lowest BP reading you've gotten in which the patient was in no apparent outward distress? I had an older pt (late 70's) today that was 68/40 (normal BP ~130/80) laying down, and he said everything was perfectly normal, no complaints at...