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    FYI, Santa Barbara is offering PAID internships
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    Keeping the Fire in EMS Response
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    Las Vegas Fire ready in case of AMR strike
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    LA County EMT arrested after being accused by LAPD Sergeant of assaulting patient
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    Why doesn't this apply to EMTs and Paramedics in the private sector?
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    What do you guys think about this? One of the last great EMS systems in California has the potential of changing for the worse.
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    New fire chief wants to take over Santa Barbara county ambulance contract
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    Monterey County rejects AMR's bid, will issue new RFP.
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    California SB3 wage law

    So has anyone been following this? Apparently employees with a collective bargaining agreement in place with their employer, who work on a 24 hour shift must be paid either daily overtime or 30% more than minimum wage. My division just bumped every EMT to $14.30 an hour because it's 30% more...
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    Areas where AMR failed

    Hello everyone. I'd like to get some insight from you guys that have been in areas or know of areas where AMR tried and failed to operate successfully. I'm curious regarding the operational aspects of private EMS and I'd like to get your opinions on why they didn't succeed in said areas. With...
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    Envision ponders sale of AMR So who do you guys think will buy this company?
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    Can use some help regarding AMR California Union info

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to collect as many collective bargaining agreements as I can from union AMR divisions in California. I just want to see where we are as a division compared to others. If you're able to help out, please send a PM my way. Thank you.
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    SBCFD introduces ambulance operator program

    San Bernardino County Fire is in its first stages of setting up a single function Medic/EMT ambulance program. They have their sights set on AMR's contracted areas next.
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    Medics upset over Long Beach pilot deployment plan
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    San Bernardino County Fire Department’s Bid May End AMR’s 33-Year Ambulance Monopoly
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    Las Vegas Fire looking to take over transports from AMR

    I was wondering why this topic hasn't been discussed yet on this forum. It's pretty controversial..... especially when one of the board members compares fire medics to doctors and private medics to nurses...
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    AMR Santa Barbara transfer

    Hey everyone, I've recently been thinking about transferring over to AMR Santa Barbara. I'm currently working for AMR San Bernardino County and am looking to move. I'd like to know a few things and would greatly appreciate your answers. 1. What's the Paramedic pay like? What kinds of...
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    OCFA loses management of ambulance contracts I wonder what the future holds for OC.....
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    Halloween 2013

    Who's working tonight? Let us know of any strange happenings.