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  1. Stevo

    Deja Vu

    This site graciously sent me a Thanksgiving greeting...…...all very nice ...but..... I don't do this anymore, 30 yrs was enough, L2&3 are junk, i'm old, ugly , no longer have a scanner , don't read the papers , game over, retired with all the usual cha cha commendations...done, gone thank you...
  2. Stevo

    Resignation letter

    To my EMS family out there, I bid you all farewell now. My time with you has been special, and it's been an honor as well as privilege to serve with all of you. I've learned a lot from each of you. Knowing I’ve been a bit of a PITA over the years, I hope I can part on good terms with you all...
  3. Stevo

    Renaissance man.....

    Hey there Stevo! We haven't seen you around the forum lately. At least start a post in the lounge and let us know how you're doing! you asked for it.... Once there was a way to get back home..... I can vividly recall when , as a rookie, i asked one of the more experienced emt's about...
  4. Stevo

    have no fear

    Bu$h is here.... Bush Anoints Himself as the Insurer of Constitutional Government in Emergency clicky just gives one the warm fuzzies to know he's so concerned... ~S~
  5. Stevo

    right line, wrong time....

    so the floral delivery guy falls asleep at the wheel, is involved in a rollover, and crawls out on his own before our arrival a responder close by is on scene first, and being it's a nice day asks the patient to stay still (he was apparently sitting) , on the ground. on the rigs arrival...
  6. Stevo


    a dog could do it CALVERT, Md. (AP) — Toby, a 2-year-old golden retriever, saw his owner choking on a piece of fruit and began jumping up and down on the woman's chest. The dog's owner believes the dog was trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver and saved her life. i guess i was wrong all...
  7. Stevo

    Global incident map

    Job Security is what you make of it.... ~S~
  8. Stevo

    1 in every 32

    of us is a criminal? clicky what's wrong with this picture? ~S~
  9. Stevo

    this is so bad it's almost good....

    offensive material(especially if your old!) RANT: Old People Smell Funny, and Other Life Lessons From EMS ~S~
  10. Stevo


    In an effort to provide aquatic rescue a nieghboring department apparently overloaded their small boat which capsized the other day the patient , a woman that was on a BB , and in a stokes drowned... they are soooooo screwed ~S~
  11. Stevo

    Sugar Sobriety Tests

    all of us have been there, blood sugar levels vs. consent at what # do they take a ride?, get D-50? at what # are they let to refuse? what of the above does you med control allow you? what mode(s) of assessment are you using? ~S~
  12. Stevo

    animated knots

    i thought i'd pass this on ~S~
  13. Stevo

    a little prank....

    Bernie Lives! ~Stevo
  14. Stevo

    Trunk Monkey

    here gotta love the emergency delivery one.... ~S~
  15. Stevo

    Katrina vid

    here the liar-n'-chief caught red handed. ~S~
  16. Stevo

    Spider straps or Quick Clips?

    Spider straps or Quick Clips, which do we like better and why? ~Stevo
  17. Stevo

    do we stock up on cold packs?

    rutt roo... is it warm in here. or is it me? ~S~
  18. Stevo

    What's wrong with this video?

    go here ~S~
  19. Stevo

    Words That Should Be in the EMS Dictionary But Aren't

    Clicky ~S~
  20. Stevo

    New Living Will

    New Living Will....... I, __________________________, being of sound mind and body, do not wish to be kept alive indefinitely by artificial means. Under no circumstances should my fate be put in the hands of pinhead politicians who couldn't pass ninth-grade biology if their lives...