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  1. Anjel

    Let me see your face

    So we had one of these threads going a few years ago. It is fun seeing if your mental image of someone matches up to real life. So if you feel comfortable.... Show me your face!
  2. Anjel

    New ACLS 2015

    Possibly the best thing ever.
  3. Anjel

    Man steals ambulance to go to topless bar So my coworkers had a bad night the other day lol They were able to get the ambulance back by using their phones tracker. It was left in the ambulance. Our trucks don't have GPS locators on...
  4. Anjel

    Another 12 lead and fall scenario

    Dispatched to an independent living facility for a fall secondary to a possible heart attack at 0530. Arrived on scene to find an 89 year old male patient laying supine on the floor of his bathroom. Pt A&Ox4 and in no apparent distress. There is a good size pooling of blood against the wall...
  5. Anjel


    So my company is making us go through their critical care transport class. It is something they put on themselves over the course of 16 weeks plus clinical time. It is not affiliated with UMBC. So my question is... Which certification is preferred? If I am going to go through this training...
  6. Anjel

    37 Year Old Male Unconscious

    Hello All... Let me preface this by saying this is NOT a guess what is wrong with the patient scenario. It is more of walk me through your treatment and thoughts. Lets Begin... It is a a cold winter morning . The temperature outside is -15 degrees with a windchill of -40. You are sitting...
  7. Anjel

    Medstar ambulance in Michigan

    I am totally going to be one of those people that ask for details on a company. I know of Medstar and the areas they cover. I want to know details of their shifts, their pay scale, work environment. How often do they do shift bids? Do they have stations or do you post on the streets? And most...
  8. Anjel

    Pacemaker wreaking havoc?

    A friend of mine had this patient. I thought it was interesting. Pt was stable all VS were wnl. But these strips were taken within a 15 minute time frame. Interesting how it keeps changing.
  9. Anjel

    Cardiogenic Shock and heart failure

    Ok people... Part One of my final is next week. I'm having an issue understanding the principles, mechanisms, and treatment of cardiogenic shock. Is cardiogenic shock strictly a pump problem? Caused by injury like contusion or tamponade? Does it occur after infarction? Or is it after you rule...
  10. Anjel

    Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

    This makes me so sick to my stomach. Police are reporting several deaths. Several Children. And the gunman is Dead. My heart aches for these families.
  11. Anjel

    "25I" or "Smiles" anyone heard of it yet?

    So now that bath salts are illegal around here. This is the next problem. It is a hallucegan that can be snorted or taken sublingual. It provides effects like ecstasy but has some nasty side effects. And because its new, it's still legal. Here is an article...
  12. Anjel

    Attention Everyone~ Paracord Bracelets!

    Hi everyone! I am making paracord items, and selling them. Because I am a poor paramedic student and am getting married in a few weeks. So take pitty on me, and buy my bracelets. :) This is what I am offering! Bracelets are 6 bucks $1 shipping to anywhere in the world. Key chains like...
  13. Anjel


    Ha look at me....posting in the ALS section. I am curious as to what your protocol dictates for your first line seizure drug? We are finishing up with pharmacology and there have been at least 5 different drugs for seizures. My protocol here gives us three choices. Vallium, Versed, or Ativan...
  14. Anjel

    Michigan EMT scope of practice

    I have looked everywhere and cannot find it. I really really need it. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
  15. Anjel

    Emergency Laughter

    I just bought the ebook Emergency Laughter by Mike Cyra. Oh my fricken gosh, I have never laughed so hard reading a book in my life. I've only read the first story and I was choking and crying. My partner though I had lost my mind. And for the kindle its only 3 bucks. I very strongly...
  16. Anjel

    Happy birthday fast65!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOOGIE! :birthday: We all want to wish you a Happy Thirteenth birthday! :beerchug:
  17. Anjel

    New years resolutions! So what is your guys New Years Resolutions!? Mine.... TO take a lunch every day, and never eat anywhere that has a drive thru. And... To try my hardest and not slack off with...
  18. Anjel

    Hyperkalemia and hightened T waves.

    So, I just had a pt with hyperkalemia. On the transfer sheet it said she had hightened T waves. Also pulse was 112. I am assuming all of those things are related, since I know potassium causes repolarization in the heart. Can anyone explain exactly how it is all related??? Pleaasse.
  19. Anjel

    EMT dies during transfer

    Star EMS employee dies while on the job 41 year old EMT from a company where I did my clinicals, died today during a psych transfer. The guy collapsed to the ground outside of the hospital and later died...
  20. Anjel

    Paramedic Care: principles and practice

    Anyone have Paramedic : Principles and Practice vol 1-5 that they would want to sell me? Let me know. Thanks!