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  1. bigbaldguy

    ER physician in EMS Break room

    Just curious on your thoughts on a ER physician stopping in an EMS break room. I've never seen one in a break room but I kind of like the idea of getting to know the guys/gals a little better.
  2. bigbaldguy

    Rubber bullets or shot gun?

    Saw something similar at a counterprotest. Treatment options? Definetly rubber bulllets in in my experience.
  3. bigbaldguy

    Oldest medic you've worked with

    Just curious the oldest medic you've work with. Mine was a 77 year volunteer. Guy had some stories that would curl your har.
  4. bigbaldguy


    Not strictly EMS but they do stick needles in people. I have a friend who just finished phlebotomy school and is have a hell of a time getting a job (in Houston). I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any advice or perhaps a friend who's a phlebotomist that might have some advice.
  5. bigbaldguy

    Cadaver lab

    Here in Houston we have an excellent cadaver lab which I was privileged enough to spend several hours at. I'm curious to know if others had this experience.
  6. bigbaldguy

    LSD 25 and 1p LSD

    Probably covered in the past but with the increasing incidents of so called "research chemical" 1P LSD I thought it worth a discussion. For those that don't know 1P LSD is a prodrug that converts to LSD when consumed. As it isn't technically LSD it's legal to buy online. I'm curious if anyone...
  7. bigbaldguy

    I ain't dead

    hi all. Long time no see. Like the new look of the place. Very Steve Jobs. What happened to the goat in the break room?
  8. bigbaldguy

    Acute gluten allergy?

    Working on the plane and a call button goes off. I go out and find a guy wo looks like he's circling the drain. I ask him what's wrong he says he's having a hard time breathing and has nausea and dizziness. Says he might be having an allergic reaction which I can see considering his appearance...
  9. bigbaldguy

    New year new photo contest

    Ok folks with the new year just around the corner for most of us I'm rolling out a new photo contest. Here are the rules. 1. Write EMTLIFE on a peice of paper along with 1-1-13 also if you really want to score bonus points valid toward more fabulous prizes include the statement "BBG is the...
  10. bigbaldguy

    Wearing your state patch/NR patch to protest

    I recently went to a public event where a group of emergency providers and various city employees were holding an informational picket. The protest/picketing was in response to cuts for certain services. I noticed a group of fire fighters who were wearing white uniform shirts with a state...
  11. bigbaldguy

    Brutal rape and evisceration of Medic student in India You've probably seen the rioting and demonstrations in India regarding the young who who was beaten, raped, and left eviscerated on the side of a road with her male companion, both...
  12. bigbaldguy

    I'm not sure I want to call myself a Texan anymore.

    Two women are stopped for littering. The officer things they are acting "weird" so the women are given a body cavity search (yeah i said a :censored::censored::censored::censored:ing body cavity search) on the side of the damn road in full view of passing cars. They found nothing! I'm usually...
  13. bigbaldguy

    Incident command vests

    Any suggestions on a vendor for incident command vests? I need about a dozen for a project and I need cheap over quality.
  14. bigbaldguy

    Handing out condoms while working

    So a recent post got me thinking about condoms, teen pregnancy, ect. As first line medical providers we come into contact with many people who would benefit from access to condoms but who for whatever reason won't or can't obtain them. Prostitutes, teens, homeless, drug users you name em we deal...
  15. bigbaldguy

    What's up with the yellow feet on this chick?

    Had a female patient come in with a complaint of severe abdominal pain. Patient was early thirties and possibly a drug seeker. As patient was being discharged after being shot full of narcs I notice her feet are jaundiced big time. Just her feet. Patients husband notices me looking at them and...
  16. bigbaldguy

    Article about NYPD officer

    Most of you have probably seen an article about the NYPD officer who bought boots for a homeless man. I ran across the following article and noticed the line "DePrimo, a three-year veteran of the department who lives with his parents on Long Island" and it struck me as odd. I know it's common...
  17. bigbaldguy

    Old college credits

    Anyone know how long old college credits are good for? I just realized I have 50+ college credits from 95' to 2000 and I'm thinking I might go back and at least finish out my AA.
  18. bigbaldguy

    EKG interp

    What do you think.
  19. bigbaldguy

    Companion degree for international volly work

    So when I finish my medic (if I finish it) I plan on doing some international vollunteer work. I'm thinking I might also go back to school for an associates in something that would complement my medic and make me more attractive for some of the more interesting volly organizations. Any...
  20. bigbaldguy

    Toxic drugs over the counter?

    Just doing some research on NSAIDs. It seems like some of the most toxic like acetaminophen are over the counter while seemingly less toxic ones like meloxicam are prescription. Anybody know why this is?