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  1. Stephanie.

    Siren.... I think I'm on to something here..

    Firrah trucks && bambulances would b much mo' effective if dey were to replace da siren wit dey song "Move B*tch" by Ludacris. :ph34r:
  2. Stephanie.

    Help with monitors...

    Howdy folks, Quick question- We use Zoll E Series monitors at my agency, and I've run into the problem on almost every call, doesn't matter what monitor I am using. My lead wires always always always always always get tangled up. Even after every call, I neatly place them back in the back...
  3. Stephanie.

    FF/Paramedic Position

    Johnson County Emergency Service District #1 is hiring 4 full time FF/Paramedics to run Monday thru Friday 7am to 3pm. Starting salary a little over 40,000 + benefits. Located in Cleburne Texas.
  4. Stephanie.

    SLAM Texas Pediatric - Adult Airway Management Course - May 14 - 15, 2011 - Ft. Worth

    We are happy to announce our Spring conference at The University of North Texas Health Science Center on May 14 and 15. Preconference workshops will be held on May 13th. This will be a comprehensive and unique airway management conference covering al aspects of emergency and difficult airway...
  5. Stephanie.

    Waiting list

    I have officially been placed on the waiting list for Paramedic school at Methodist Dallas. I can't register until March. School starts in August. I am ripping my hair out already. Oh brother!!! Thanks to being a CF employee, I get a discounted rate on my tuition. Helped out ALOT!
  6. Stephanie.

    Happy New Year!

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year! I'm rocking out dispatch until about 2100 hours. Then I'm not sure what we have planned. I'm just along for the ride! Anyways, be safe out there!!!
  7. Stephanie.

    Not supposed to happen to people like us...

    Sooooo on my way home from shift the day before Christmas Eve, I was coming through downtown Ft. Worth in the inside lane, when an 18 wheeler came into my lane and pushed me into the concrete wall that was separating oncoming traffic. A few of you that know me a little more than others know...
  8. Stephanie.

    Been busy!

    Hey everyone, I have been slammed working dispatch and on a truck. But I wanted to swing in and say, I had my 1st full arrest Tuesday and we got her back!! My 1st arrest, my 1st save. :D She did die a day later at the hospital, but... My work was successful. B)
  9. Stephanie.

    Okay I did it... I started a blog.

    What was I thinking? I know a lot of folks on here have one too. Only ones I am familiar with are Linuss and JT. Mine is a mixture of professional and personal items I want to talk about. Check it out.
  10. Stephanie.

    Unemployed? Willing to travel?

    A friend of mine sent me this asking if I was interested in traveling. I just recently got back on a truck or I would. Good Luck. Dispatch Operations/Emergency Response SME – Baghdad, Iraq
  11. Stephanie.

    Living the dream.

    Well I am still in orientation. I have a few more FTO rides to do, a couple 911 shifts to pull, and some hospital rotations. When I went through EMT school in SC we weren't required to do hospital clinical or rotations. We just had to do some ride outs with our local service. Well I am...
  12. Stephanie.

    Radio bleedover

    Hey everyone, Was wondering how many other agencies have issues with radio bleed over from other services. One of our fire channels is constantly getting tone outs from a service several counties away. Its really annoying, but I guess the only way to fix it is to reprogram all the radios and...
  13. Stephanie.

    "I needa bambulance"

    The thread title is completely irrelevant to this post but I just wanted to say that. Anyways, I had an interview today with our local 911 service! The whole application process consisted of applying (duh), pre-assessment evaluation (strongly agree/disagree), if you pass that then you are...
  14. Stephanie.


    My partner and I must be telepathic. We work so well together, and when he is gone and I work with someone else, it shows. I am still a rookie so I get him to back me up on anything I am unsure of. I consider him like my brother and we fight and argue ALL the time, we have similar senses of...
  15. Stephanie.

    Paramedic Courses Changing by 2013?

    I've heard by word of mouth that the nation will be changing the paramedic certifications, to where you have to receive a degree to become a paramedic. I was told that this change will take place in 2013 and you will have to go to paramedic school. No more online classes or tech schools. And...
  16. Stephanie.

    On shift...

    I am on shift until tonight. There is a 100K Bike ride today, through the more rural regions of my county. It's 103 degrees out. Lovely. So far, 1 crash and burn. 1 elevated HR 1 leg cramps 2 syncope It began less than 45 minutes ago. I love my job, i love my job, i love...
  17. Stephanie.

    Physical Agility Tests

    Hey all!! I apologize for any misspelled words, I am on my cell phone. I went to a local paid/vollie fire squad today that has a medic unit and placed an app. I intend to run the medic unit and fire calls when on shift, if accepted. They mentioned PAT test which has never been a big deal for...
  18. Stephanie.

    NAEMT..Worth it?

    Hola Amigos! Quick question... I am a little uneducated on NAEMT, I have researched their website but is the membership worth it? Is the scholarship worth a membership? From what I can see the only thing that will benefit me is that I will be able to APPLY for a scholarship, everything...
  19. Stephanie.

    Top 10 reasons why I became an EMT.

    Top 10 reasons why I became an EMT. 10. I had no other plans to do with my life. 9. Prove to others I could do it, and did. 8. Running lights and sirens are the shizznit. 7. I LOVE helping people. 6 .....I get to cut clothes off.... :-D 5. Job security, thanks to stupid people...
  20. Stephanie.

    Fatal Crash- Eagle Med

    Fatal Crash - Eagle Med Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version Thursday, July 22 2010 @ 22:45 AccidentsOn July 22, 2010, two Eagle Med crew members were killed in a helicopter crash near Kingfisher, OK. A third crew member survived the initial crash. This site has been blacked...