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  1. aquabear

    Distal Femur IO Trainer

    Has anyone come across a pediatric distal femur IO trainer anywhere or built one themselves? Thanks!
  2. aquabear

    Cable Sleeve

    Just wondering if anyone out there uses a cable sleeve with their monitor (talking to you HEMS guys), and how you set it up. Thanks!
  3. aquabear

    FBI probes fraud, campaign corruption at Cypress Creek EMS Really surprising considering Cypress’ reputation in the EMS world, especially compared to some of the other providers in the Houston area.
  4. aquabear

    Williamson County EMS is Hiring

    In case you missed it, Wilco EMS is hiring! Applications close on 1/5 for a testing process that will take place in mid-January. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  5. aquabear

    IV Pumps

    Question to all the Critical Care Medics out there: what IV pumps are you guys using out there in EMS/HEMS land? I know there are a lot of Medsystem IIIs floating around out there, but I wanted to see what else people are using and what their thoughts were? Thanks!
  6. aquabear

    Redondo Beach Fire Department taking over EMS transports

    Redondo Beach city council approved a plan to take over all EMS transports in the city, a service currently provided by McCormick. Now they just have to get approval from LA county EMS agency...
  7. aquabear

    Duty Belt

    A little background: I currently work for a county run EMS service here in Texas, but am originally from out of state. The vast majority of paramedics, both new and old, at my new service wear duty belts to carry their radio, pager, PPE pack, etc. The idea of wearing a duty belt is TOTALLY...