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    If at all possible get some experience in an ER. This will get you ultra familiar with devices commonly used in the aeromedical world. I know 2 years of ER experience put me ahead of a lot of other applicants. Also helps with things like X-Ray interpretation, ultrasound courses, and all sorts of...
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    Treatment for patient with Moderate hypothermia and Major Frostbite

    Honestly why do we call it frostbite? Henceforth I shall call it what it is... FREEZER BURN!
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    Treatment for patient with Moderate hypothermia and Major Frostbite This has a pretty good First Aid/Prehospital treatment plan. Also runs through the best care in hospital. I have been ordered by a few OLMC to give ASA and Ibuprofen (Prostaglandin Effects) and this paper mentions that in the Prehospital...
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    How to get out of imposter syndrome?

    I felt like I needed a full year and a half, and all of the sudden I just went to work and didn't worry once about the call that was coming in. You will always get a bit of a rush for good calls but you will stop feeling unprepared for them. Never be the person who says they know something...
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    Why EMS degree could be the standard come 2025

    Most degree programs for Paramedics in Canada are post Diploma (We do not have Associates degrees with the term Diploma used for most 2 - 3 year programs). I was not aware of this school at all being that it is in Quebec (where the french folks live) and MAN that is a lot of classes each...
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    Am I going crazy?

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    Why EMS degree could be the standard come 2025

    I assume we would follow nurses to some extent. Everyone is still a "Paramedic" but slowly over time those with diplomas/certs die off and are replaced with a new bread. It has been this way since days of old when nurses merely had to have a good heart or be a Nun. Unless there is additions to...
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    Why EMS degree could be the standard come 2025

    This is one of the major hindrances to any profession that is attempting to bolster credentials, or raise the point of entry. Not only from those in leadership but those with seniority. It is as shame and I hope I am never the type that will try to keep others down for my benefit. Call me a...
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    Paramedics VS Firefighters

    The Smirk the EMS god gives after the first call is dropped is exactly what I assume the EMS good looks like all the time. Also the tiny helmet on Fire Alarm god is a nice touch.
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    Paramedics VS Firefighters

    These guys are great. Lots of Fire and EMS videos. I gotta say this video in particular will hit home for most on here.
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    Working In Canada

    Ontario is a tough place to get a job, they pump out WAY to many medics for the jobs available. However once you are licensed in one province thanks to labour mobility laws it is very easy to transfer your licence to another. I have gone through the process for 4 provinces in total (I maintain 3...
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    Working In Canada

    I am a Paramedic in Canada (Advanced Care Paramedic) I work on the east coast and in the arctic as a flight Paramedic. Nationally our scopes are governed by the NOCPs (National Occupational Competency Profile There are 4 levels of prehospital providers, as...
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    Emergency Medical Cases is GREAT! Primarily created for ED docs but it is a good listen and great review of current studies and practises. It also has a KILLER website with episode summaries and quizzes for all you dorks like me. It is Canadian (also like...
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    Pulling traction on an open femur fracture...yes or no?

    Interesting. I know in my Primary care Paramedic (Canada 2010) schooling open fractures were a critical fail, though that quickly changed I work air amb, and in facility. I put traction on a fellow just a few days ago with an open fracture. Now I have the added benefit of x-rays and such that...
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    Did working in EMS make you more or less religious?

    Interesting. I don't believe it has made me and closer or farther away from God, but I believe that my faith has helped me come to terms with alot of what we deal with.
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    2nd degree heart block - does it warrant code 3 return to the hospital?

    Back to this. 2nd degree type I - A rhythm that rarely transitions into a worse rhythm and is generally well tolerated. Its actually pretty common in young people while they sleep and in athletes with high vagal tone. 2nd degree type II - Can progress to a complete block. If they are...
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    Continuing education between an EMT and Paramedic.

    This would be me priority, make the transition easier and most of these classes won't cost more than most alphabet courses. I am in big favor of taking your time and really absorb education (took me nine years with few breaks from Primary Care paramedic ((Canada)) to finish my bachelor's)...
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    To Degree or Not to Degree. That is The Question.

    In Canada there is increasing pressure to make the Advanced Care paramedic program require a bachelor's. The ACP schooling already takes three years and there are bachelors programs in place to top up to a degree post diploma (No associate's degrees of any kind in canada). some examples of...
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    Can EMT set up IC?

    I think this totally depends on the individual. Plenty of EMT-Bs, AEMTS, Medics, CCP, FFs or Doctors what would have no business running a scene. You want whoever has the best knowledge of local resources and the right temperament running a scene. Rank/Education level do not always mirror...