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  1. traumateam1

    Roll Over MVI

    Was thrown this scenario during training a little while ago.. I guess one of those "think outside the box" scenarios. So it got me thinking.. would anyone else have done what I did? Is it worth it? etc. So here is what happened: You are either dispatched to, or are doing stand by for a speedway...
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    Conficker computer worm

    Happy April Fools day everyone, however this isn't an April Fools joke.. this is a serious issue. Microsoft has confirmed that a major virus will be released at 12:00 am on April 1st. Here is what Microsoft had to say about this virus... To read the rest of the article.. click here...
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    EMR... finally

    Well all you Canadian medics.. I have finally registered myself for the BC's EMR. I've been trying to register myself.. but have been so freaking busy, that I just haven't had the time. Should be pretty dang easy lol. Bout time eh?
  4. traumateam1

    Canadian EMS

    Hey all, I was looking thru the User Created Groups a little while ago and noticed that there wasn't a Canadian EMS group, so I decided to make one. If you are a part of the Canadian EMS system some way or another join the group!! Simply go to my profile by clicking on my name. Then on...
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    Happy Birthday, SASHA

    May I Have Your Attention Please! I would like to take the time to wish Sasha a very happy 21st birthday! She officially turned 21 as of 12:02am! Happy Birthday Sasha!!
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    BC Ambulance Protest

    BC Ambulance Protest I know this is a global problem.. but this just goes to show why a provincial wide EMS system is horrible!. I know where I live we have no ALS car, for a city with a greater area pop. of roughly 110,000. With a big number of people >65 and over, and "95% of all code 3...
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    Cause of Death

    Presentation A 64 year old woman with hypertension was admitted by her GP after complaining of right-sided weakness. Over the next couple of days her condition worsened, and four days later she appeared to suffer a serious stroke, following which she was completely unresponsive. Tests confirmed...
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    Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    Hello everyone! I am doing a research paper on SCA and was wondering if anyone had excellent sources of info and statistics on SCA. If you could post a link to some sources that would be much appreciated. :D Thank you to everyone! :D
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    Okay guys time for me to be honest here. I have asthma and lately it's gotten fairly bad, unfortunately. I was on Symbicort but haven't gone back to the doc to refill my prescription yet, but I will be soon. Anyways to my point of this thread. Does anyone know of good exercises to help reduce...
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    Odd Situation

    A little bit of background for this scenario I was faced with, while off duty. Chris, who is my friends brother is on my msn. He has some medical conditions, including depression and anxiety. His parents recently divorced a couple of years ago and ever since then he has been on a downward...
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    Oh joy...

    Just wanted to do a little ranting about how I will be doing a total of 65 hours of Stand By Medical Aid for a big event starting tomorrow. It's a 5 day event and I will be there everyday. Last year when I did this.. I was burnt out after that for two weeks. After all it is about 11 hours a day...
  12. traumateam1

    Patient In Distress

    Ok so I got this call sometime last summer so not all the details are clear. The reason for this scenario is I am just wondering what other medics would do. Ok so here we go. It's about 1100 hrs and you are dispatched to a busy event going on in your down town with about 30,000 people...
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    Fr2+ Aed

    Looking to purchase the FR2+ AED for our private first aid company and was just wondering how many people have used this, and how much they like the AED. I was looking on the Philips website and I see that it can also be used by ALS providers, so if any ALS users have used it, your input is of...
  14. traumateam1

    Gun Shot Wound

    Right now this seems to be a fairly hot topic in the BLS section. There is a lot of oppinions as to what people would do, so I decided to make this into a scenario to see what people would do. (All the vitals, symptoms, etc do not reflect the patients actual vitals, symptoms, etc in the BLS...
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    So as BLS providers what AED's do you use, and prefer? I'm wondering if we should purchase (my own seperate business) one of those AED's that you put the two pads on and you can switch between automatic and manual (for ALS), and also provide SPO2 monitoring, tidal volume, 3 lead print outs etc...
  16. traumateam1

    Need Some Equipment

    Hey all, A buddy of mine, and I have started up a first aid business (providing F/A at events) and while we do have a lot of our stuff, I was wondering where I could find a used, but in good condition AED. Also, we are taking a Dodge Durango and making it into a supervisor, extra supply...