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    Part time EMTs and Paramedics

    I'm back from the dead... to give my few cents. I've been a PT EMT/Medic virtually throughout my career-- although had busy time (and excellent FTOs) as a new EMT and Medic. I work a 16 virtually every week (but sometimes take a week off), and frequently work in cities I've lived in for 10+...
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    CE online?

    @Valak You should clarify-- are you in a state that is participating in the NCCP? You referred to the "individual" category, which is a component of the NCCP, Note, the NCCP does not have a...
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    Should we use Narcan on all CPR calls?

    I'll quote a favorite medical director, "An overdose is not acute hypo-naloxemia, it is hypoventilation/hypoxia". Focus on treating the breathing. If no pulse is present follow the "C-A-Bs", focus on circulation. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Massachusetts protocols

    Protocol update courses are required if an EMT or medic is working for a licensed ambulance service, not those who aren't working as EMTs.
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    ALS fire/ BLS transport

    To the OP, this is perfectly acceptable in many places, and lll just underscore the most important piece... if a medic is going to "down triage" to BLS, it's imperative they document their assessment and findings, and why they released to BLS. That documentation protects you. Sent from my...
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    Ask Your Billing Questions Here!

    Are crew member (EMT/Medic) signatures required on the PCR? Full names? State certification numbers?
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    How do you secure an ET

    MA prehospital protocols require a commercial device be used, and most use the Thomas. Many anesthesiologists and RTs use tube tape in the hospital, but we've slowly convinced them how that's inadequate in a transport environment, and they've gotten good at putting something else on before we...
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    NREMT question

    The application for certification (and fee) ytou've paid resulting in the Authorization to Test (ATT) is only valid for 90 days. After that date, you have to reapply (and pay fee). All of the certification requirements (successful completion of cognitive and psychomotor exams) must be completed...
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    How would you take this interview?

    I'm with you in spirit, but think the interviewee has to be the bigger man (or woman). It certainly benefits them to present themselves as professionally as possible (even if surrounded by unprofessioalism). Presumably the interviewee is dressed in a suit, or shirt and tie, and the operations...
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    Ems/emt Event standbys MA

    In Massachusetts, one can only act as an EMT if doing so in conjunction with a licensed ambulance service, so you'll find ambulances doing most of the (legitimate) standbys. If not with a service, one can identify as, and act as a first responder.
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    Do I show up for my third ride or not? Company is leaving In the dark

    Did you get paid for coming into work? You should be... you had an expectation of working a full shift.
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    legalities-unlicensed EMT's

    If you chose, you may report this directly to CMS/the office of the Inspector General, online, and anonymously.
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    legalities-unlicensed EMT's

    Also worth noting that the collections from any calls these individuals are involved in are considered void, and if billed to Medicare, the agency is subject to penalties, the least of which are being required to return the payments already recieved. CMS requires all providers to be...
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    stat transfers should they wait?

    I agree, there isn't an easy answer. I'll stretch this a little further-- knowing nothing about your area or regional capabilities. For these STAT transfers, the most important resource for the hospital is the vehicle. In my area, if we aren't able to get an ALS transfer vehicle to a hospital...
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    Cardiac Arrest Question?

    Think back to your CPR course... remember the only two interventions we provide that have evidence to support improving outcomes... High Quality Compressions and Defibrillation... Many would argue that performing compressions in the back of a moving vehicle is unsafe - for the EMT and the...
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    stat transfers should they wait?

    I'm not sure I understand this. Although the hospital may be a higher level of care than you are able to provide during transfer, it's likely they have patients who require a level of care that is only available at a tertiary care center. Depending on the capabilities of your local hospital...
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    IV bag placement for pt in Stokes

    (emphasis added) ^ that's the key when using a pressure bag with a potentially inaccessible or unattended line.
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    Stethoscope Diaphragm Ring Coming Off

    Another option is to send your scope back to Litmann for a refurb. They have a generous warranty - take a look at I've sent my scope back before, and they've cleaned, repaired and replaced parts, all for free.
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    NREMT Practical Exam Locations in MA

    The COGNITIVE (knowledge/written/computer) exam is taken at a Pearson Vue Testing center. In order to locate the centers and register, you must follow the instructions on your Authorization to Test (ATT), from National Registry of EMTs. I'm going to presume you have completed a state approved...